Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Game For Pc Torrent


Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Game For Pc Torrent

Today, fans of computer game projects are spoiled by beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay and artificial intelligence, which has become more flexible. But, at first glance, "primitive" games also find their gamer. One of those that can interest many players is TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator). 

The first thing that even a spoiled player will pay attention to is the complete absence of any physical frills. The usual drawing of fighting units with medieval equipment, minimal landscape and details of the battle can be disappointing at the first start, but after that negative emotions will be replaced by laughter and fun.

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Game process

The first mode in TABS is the classic mode, in which you can spend long hours of exciting gameplay. At the beginning, you will be given a small supply of gold and a sufficient number of different warriors available for hire.

 With the first money, you can buy up the entire available army (several archers, foot soldiers and other types of troops). Of course, before the start of the battle, you must choose the formation of troops, as well as the location where the exciting battle will be held. 

After that, you will be able to watch the entire course of the battle. In the event that it ends with the victory of our troops, then you can go to the next level and receive game resources as a reward.


In order to win, you need to earn a lot and spend a lot on fighters. The steeper the fighter and his performance, the more expensive he will cost. Try to take into account all the parameters of the fighters and with this idea in mind, gather an army for yourself and go into battle.

 If something goes wrong, then do not forget that sometimes you can change tactics. In general, all the battles in the game are very funny, and this is done on purpose so that you get only positive emotions from it.

 It is worth noting that from level to level, victories will be more difficult, but the rewards for them become more serious. Follow your tactics and then you will surely succeed in this amazing military simulator! We wish you good luck and have a good time!

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Download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Game For Pc Torrent

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