Download Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Game For Pc Torrent


Download Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Game For Pc Torrent

No longer young, but quite a professional and experienced warrior and assassin in a hood and with blades that he skillfully uses returns in the next version of an exciting and spectacular role-playing game in the style of spy action with parkour elements. 

This time you have to go to the heart of Italy - to Rome, where the main events of the Assassins Creed Brotherhood game will take place, you can download torrent of which you can free on our game portal.

 By this time, you have already managed to become a real leader of the Assassin clan, and now only together with your fearless comrades-in-arms will you be able to overthrow the new criminal syndicate, which has almost completely subdued power into its own hands in such an unusual metropolis.

 The next battles, showdowns on the roofs of houses, new weapons - you will see all this in the game.

Game plot

This version of the game begins with the fact that you, as a player, together with your wards, end up in Rome, where one mysterious criminal gang controls the entire city. Now only by acting together, you can defeat all your opponents in the game.

 Exciting battles await you in unusual locations in Rome, but you can still watch unusual videos to learn more about the members of such an unusual group. As always, you will be able to show skillful mastery of blades that can be fired at the same time. 

But now we need to act together, because the whole emphasis in the game is on team actions. Excellent locations, a variety of additional missions, new allied heroes and mind-blowing battles for dominance in the territory of Rome.


Now opponents will attack you from around the corner, from various ambushes, so you must move carefully and discreetly. As a transport, you can use an ordinary horse, and if you want, you can hide on the roofs of the building with your brothers in arms and ambush the enemy at this location. 

If you earn as many points as possible in the game, then you can hire experienced and professional warriors to your team - then the enemy clan will definitely end.

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In addition, you can visit many historical sites of medieval Rome in between game actions. But still remember that the main thing is to prove that you are the real leader of the order of hired and noble assassins.

Interesting game moments

Since the game provides a multiplayer mode, you can choose the best fighter from your team, train him and put him into battle. And you yourself as a player at this time will control his actions. So choose the best fighter and destroy the crime family that terrorizes the streets of Rome!

Features Assassins Creed Brotherhood 

your warriors. You can buy yourself mercenaries, but for this you need to go through the main game missions. Then they can be trained, and then sent to the most dangerous missions.

Weapon. You will be able to break the heads of the enemy not only with blades, but also with lead brass knuckles. You just need to learn how to use such weapons correctly. But you can easily deal with firearms by completing additional game missions.

historical figures. In Rome of that time, you will be able to cooperate with legendary historical figures, who will also be useful to you during your game missions.

Extraordinary assignments. You can take advantage of such a game stage when alone, without the help of your brothers, you can destroy an entire army of enemies - for this you will receive good game bonuses.

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Download Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Game For Pc Torrent

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