Download DayZ Game For Pc Torrent


Download DayZ Game For Pc Torrent

A full-fledged computer toy, based on a modification to Arma 2, created in the survival - horror genre with true gameplay, realistic environments, and an amazing atmosphere. It is worth noting that the same developers who created Arma - Bohemia Interactive Studio worked on the creation of this product.

 Therefore, if you want to get a full-fledged game, and not an addition to a well-known tactical shooter, then use our capabilities to download the DayZ Game Standalone game, torrent, which is available directly from this page.

 So, let's define what was interesting about the creation of a full-fledged game from the addon?

Graphic arts

First, visualization. The developers have made a lot of innovations, while maintaining the traditional ideas of the addon. It is worth noting that they completely redrawn the world of Chernarus, making it even more atmospheric, tense, and frightening. 

The game world has become much larger with an extensive network of towns, villages and cities covered by the zombie apocalypse. In addition, the game interface has been completely redesigned, the damage system, character customization, many new weapons and other minor graphics innovations have been changed, which radically change the game world.

 Therefore, if you have played a modification to Arme 2 and have always dreamed of playing a full-fledged product, then we recommend downloading DayZ Game Standalone via torrent, which can be done without any problems using the capabilities of our website. So let's find out


Second, the gameplay. The essence of the game mechanics has not changed. You appear in this world with a minimum supply of provisions and a flashlight. At first, the game does not have any weapons at all to fight off the walking dead. But after the first foray into the town, you can find a blunt ax, a few nutrition bars, and if you're lucky, a flask of water. 

Other dangers include starvation, radiation and disease. By the way, now various symptoms appear on the screen, your character has a lot of needs that need to be satisfied in order to continue playing.

 By the way, zombies and radiation are not the most dangerous things in this game. Since it is multiplayer, other players will in most cases treat you aggressively. Therefore, if you would like to try out a full-fledged game based on that very addon, then we recommend DayZ Standalone, download via torrent,

DayZ Game features

Visualization. The developers have redrawn the entire game world, the interface, and some of the characteristics of the characters in this world. New textures, improved animation, dynamic lighting and, of course, the same frightening atmosphere that oppresses you throughout the game.

Chernorussia appears before you in all its "glory" - many dilapidated, forgotten, devastated villages and towns are scattered across the impressive game world.

Game process. The essence of the gameplay does not change. Your only task is to survive in this aggressive world. It is worth noting that your character, like a living person, wants to eat, fulfill his natural needs. You have to clearly monitor the state of health, stamina, hunger, and the radioactive background in the environment.

Opponents - zombies, radiation, other players. The walking dead in the toy are agile and strong. In a few hits, they can easily reset your health meter. But, having a melee weapon, you can neutralize the threat in a couple of blows. There is also an invisible enemy - radiation. But, the worst thing is other players who often behave inappropriately when they see another person in the game space.

After dying once, don't wait for the respawn. You will have to start the game from the beginning.

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Download DayZ Game For Pc Torrent

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