Download DmC: Devil May Cry Game For Pc Torrent


Download DmC: Devil May Cry Game For Pc Torrent

DmC: Devil May Cry Game is both a continuation of the cult series of Devil May Cry games and the beginning of a new series of games! The game was developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom. The game completely restarts the Devil May Cry franchise and tells almost the same story, but with a lot of changes. Like previous games in the series, the game is a slasher genre. DmC: Devil May Cry download torrent here.


The plot tells us about the well-known and beloved character Dante. The game takes place in Limbo City. One day, a mysterious girl, Kat, comes to him, with the abilities of a medium, who warns him of an impending "danger". After that, Dante finds himself in Limbo - a reflection of the real world distorted by demonic forces. Hordes of demons immediately attack Dante, but using his abilities, he evades pursuit. 

The next day, Kat invites him to a certain organization "The Order" (The Order) under the leadership of Virgil, who asks Dante to help them in the destruction of demons. They head to an unknown mansion, where Dante learns that Virgil is his twin brother and both of them are Nephilim, the children of an angel and a demon. 

Upon learning this, Dante becomes furious and agrees to help them destroy the demons. Virgil brings light to what is happening and talks about a certain demon Mundus, who is the Demon King and hides under the guise of Kyle Ryder. Mundus is the owner of the largest bank, which, with the help of debts, keeps the whole world in submission. 

In the same way, demons methodically "brainwash" ordinary people through the media and poison all of humanity with a soft drink that contains some substances that suppress the will of a person. Dante decides to get the attention of Mundus, but to do this, he will first need to destroy the soft drink factory, and then the TV tower, to stop broadcasting and brainwashing. keeps the whole world under control.


DmC: Devil May Cry Game can be downloaded via torrent right here. In terms of gameplay, the game is a mixture of several genres at once: slasher and action-adventure with elements of a platformer (in terms of moving around locations) and RPG (in terms of discovering new skills). The main opponents are hordes of demons. 

Their destruction is one of the main tasks of the player. Also in the game there are numerous bosses, the fight with which is fundamentally different from the fight with ordinary demons. Download DmC: Devil May Cry via torrent, you can on our website.

Features DmC: Devil May Cry

The game is a continuation of the cult franchise in the slasher genre Devil May Cry, and is also the first game in a new series of games that restarts the entire Devil May Cry universe.

The game will tell us a new story about Dante and show us the times of his youth and how, from an almost ordinary guy, he became a thunderstorm of all demons and their permanent destroyer.

The appearance of the main character has also undergone significant changes. The new Dante now wears black, short and tousled hair, with a tuft of gray hair visible on top of his head. Dante's cloak is no longer red and is now made in dark colors with a dark blue tint. In addition, Dante wears a light gray tank top and overall style is more of a "punk" style than a calm, calculating, and cold-blooded demon slayer.

Two groups worked on the creation of the soundtrack at once: the Dutch trio Noisia and the Norwegian band Combichrist.

The game has its own prequel comic called DmC: Devil May Cry - The Chronicles of Vergil, which tells how Virgil frees Dante from a sinister prison called Gehenna.

On this page, using the button below, you can download DmC: Devil May Cry Game via torrent for free.

Download DmC: Devil May Cry Game For Pc Torrent

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