Download Edge of Eternity Game For Pc Torrent

Download Edge of Eternity Game For Pc Torrent

An amazing game developed by French developers will tell us the story of three fictional cities, one of which was attacked by insidious villains. And now you, as a hero, must become the leader of the Resistance in order to suppress enemy attacks in every possible way on the remaining peaceful territories. 

One city has fallen, and your protagonist must prevent the fall of the remaining playable territories. Now a little about the storyline of the game.


Crystals are the main energy source that the inhabitants of three fictional cities have been eating for a long time. But as usual, there were antagonists who wanted to take such valuable and important energy artifacts.

 If they are used incorrectly, then there will be complete chaos and lawlessness in the world. As the main character, you assemble your team of warriors to take away such crystals from enemies.

 Each such artifact gives incredible power to its owner. You must rationally use the power of such magic crystals to break the enemy's resistance. In the game, you will participate in the search for artifacts, and along with this, you will fight the main villains.


Defending your hometown alone just won't work. You need a strong and powerful team, namely volunteers who will faithfully defend their home with you. 

In the game Edge of Eternity, which you can download torrent for free on our games website, you will have a long and dangerous adventure. You will also be able to use the forces of nature, magic spells to fight enemies.

 Explore every corner of the fictional universe to find and save magical crystals. After all, you need energy to survive.

In order to successfully complete all the game missions, you will need to look for your partners, and these are volunteers who will follow you in order to save their hometown. Save the two remaining cities from the attacks of villains! And get bonus rewards!

Edge of Eternity Game Features

Locations. You will be able to explore not only urban locations, but also go down into the dungeons to find bathroom objects there too.

Crystals. Such magical objects will give you the opportunity to get unusual combat abilities. You just need to find all the crystals so that they do not get to the enemies.

Graphic arts. Superbly detailed graphics for a game of this genre. You can also choose a character, both male and female.

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Download Edge of Eternity Game For Pc Torrent

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