Download Fallout 3 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Fallout 3 Game For Pc Torrent

We present you the continuation of the cult game called Fallout 3. The developer is the talented company Bethesda Softworks. This project is for those who like to sit on the couch and move the mouse lazily, because it requires tactics, reactions and thoughtful decisions. 

Starting to play, you will see the world of the late 21st century. An oil feud has flared up between the US and China. At the very beginning, only diplomats argued, but after the words, rockets suddenly began to fly. In a few hours, the planet completely plunged into the abyss of nuclear war.

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Instead of big cities, trees, deserts, pyramids, etc. you will be surrounded only by the desert. But, despite all this, there is life in the Vaults.


The plot of the game tells us about a nuclear war that completely swallowed up the world in the second half of the 21st century. But, fortunately, part of humanity survived, and now they have to become the heirs of the scorched and contaminated lands. The main character, for whom you will play, also grew up in one of these shelters, but one day his father leaves, after that strange things began to happen here, up to a coup among the locals. 

For this reason, our hero decides to run away from there and look for his father. After coming into the world, he sees gloomy apocalyptic landscapes, but people did not draw a conclusion from this war.

 And instead of uniting in confrontation with the new world, they began to exterminate themselves. Are you ready to save humanity? Then hurry up to download Fallout 3 Game via torrent for free on our website.

Game process

In Fallout 3, I want to highlight the non-linearity of the plot. Even at the very beginning, you can abandon the storyline and start establishing your order in the Wasteland. The developers also left the aiming strike mode, after which the hero can inflict critical damage, and the enemy can instantly tear off limbs or completely blow off his head. There will be a lot of weapons in your arsenal, starting from the Kalashnikov assault rifle and ending with plasma and laser rifles and melee weapons.

And you know that...

In Fallout 3, you can find the completely destroyed office of the developers of Bethesda Softworks, which is located southeast of the center of the map. In addition, here you can find the names of towns already existing in the suburbs of Washington - Fairfax, Springfield, Cliffside, Olney.

In fact, in the Japanese version of the game, the ability to detonate a nuclear bomb in the center of Megaton was removed, and the weapon called "Fat Man" was renamed due to the fact that the atomic bomb that was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki had the same code name August 9th, 1945. Also, this weapon has a real prototype (Davy Crockett), which is in service with the United States in Germany in the 1960-1970s.

Fallout 3 features

In the world of this game you will find many mysteries and troubles. You will be surrounded by people who are ready to get to dinner as a main course. Therefore, you should be extremely careful.

Very strong, well-prepared enemies are waiting for you in the game. You, in turn, can upgrade your skills, learn how to attack, bypass traps and repair weapons.

In Fallout 3, upgrades are waiting for you. If your weapon is broken, then do not rush to throw it away, because with its help you can make a new gun. Take apart your entire arsenal to the screw and create new weapons.

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Download Fallout 3 Game For Pc Torrent

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