Download Far Cry 1 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Far Cry 1 Game For Pc Torrent

The first part of the legendary first-person shooter. The main character is a former fighter - a commando who decided to retire. 

Having considered several options for peaceful activities, he opens a small boat station on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Jack Carver, that's your protagonist's name, rents boats and arranges boat trips for tourists.

 He is quite satisfied with his calm and measured life. However, everything changes dramatically after meeting a girl named Valerie.


One fine day, Valerie Constantine, posing as a journalist, asks Jack to take her to one of the nearby islands. He agrees, and they set off on a yacht.

 Approaching the shallow water, Jack stops the yacht and invites the girl to get to the shore on a hydro scooter. Within a few minutes, unknown people blow up the yacht with a grenade launcher, and the girl is captured.

 Jack miraculously survived, and was able to swim to land. Having set as his goal the rescue of the captive, he begins to study the island, his enemies, who almost took his life, and after several difficult attempts, he nevertheless frees the hostage. Then he learns that the girl is actually a secret agent, and he was deliberately involved in this story.

 It turned out that secret developments are underway on the island to create mutants for military purposes. You have to put an end to this.

Game mechanics

Initially, you will be asked to complete a tutorial in which you will master the skills of controlling the character. Then you, in the form of Jack, will find a mobile phone on which you will receive recommendations. 

The vast territory and diverse natural landscape will allow you to choose from several possible ways of progress. In addition, there is a compass in the lower left corner of the screen. You can download Far Cry 1 Game torrent on our free game server. At your disposal will be various types of firearms, binoculars and the possibility of using vehicles.

A dynamic game in which you can control enemies within a radius of 800 meters and choose tactics using stealth. Good luck in battle!

Far Cry 1 Game Features 

Transport. You can silently fly over the enemy on a hang glider, dealing damage to him. You will be able to move freely through the jungle of the island in powerful military jeeps. In addition, any means of surface transportation will be available to you.

Arsenal. Pistols, machine guns, grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifle.

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Download Far Cry 1 Game For Pc Torrent

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