Download Far Cry 2 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Far Cry 2 Game For Pc Torrent

The hired killer, as well as the former special and secret agent, returns. In the second part of the game, a well-known team of developers Mechanics created a new look for the hero. Now your main character moves faster through locations, but all the main events will also take place in a hot country. 

On the distant African continent, you have to expose government conspiracies and destroy a dangerous dictator who wants to completely subjugate power into his own hands. The local population is waiting for their hero. 

And now your return as a character will be able to save civilians from the insidious intrigues of a cruel despot and ruler. 

In the game Far Cry 2, which you can download torrent for free from our game server, you, as a player, will be able to show your new talents and combat abilities. Civilians are already tired of the insidious aggressor. 

It's time for him to retire. Only your hero will be able to resist the whole army of warriors.

The plot of the game

A real civil war broke out in the African state. The rebels and militias are trying to stop the leader of the state, but they failed to do so. Your former mercenary, who knows a lot about war, enters the battle.

 More than once he saved people, now his mission is becoming more complicated. You need to find a place where your insidious enemy is hiding. He directs the actions of his army from the bunker.

 So you need to carefully study the game map in order to successfully find the deployment of opponents. The army of your main enemy is well armed. They will now use not only machine guns and grenade launchers, your opponents skillfully use hand grenades and all kinds of explosives. 

During the game, your hero must neutralize the whole army. That's just not easy to get close to the dictator. It constantly changes its location. You will learn how to drive new vehicles. The Hook and Gaff is an additional piece of equipment for your main character.

Game mechanics

To successfully complete all the game missions, you will need a game savvy. Ingenuity, secretive movements of your hero through locations, as well as skillful use of weapons - this is the key to success in this game. 

In the game Far Cry 2, which you can download torrent for free from our website, you will also meet many allies with whom you can make game deals. It will help you, trust me. Assault rifles can be upgraded at gunsmiths. There you need to lay out the bonuses you have accumulated during the game.


An interesting version of the game where your main character will be able to find the most dangerous enemy. To overthrow the ruler of an African power is not an easy mission. This task will be completed. Only your hero will be able to prevent the insidious plans of a hard game aggressor.

Far Cry 2 Features 

military operations. You will be thrown into the epicenter of violent events. Now you have to show all your talent as a player in order to destroy a dangerous aggressor.

Stop the war. Your character will be able to independently eliminate the army of the ruler of an African state. But help would be welcome. Allies must be sought. Enter into dialogues, study the map of the game, because this game project is completely Russified.

Tactics. It is the tactical abilities of your hero of the game that will help him get out of the most difficult situations. Although his combat experience is unique. He skillfully wields weapons, can be secretive, and for such qualities you will receive additional game points.

Graphic arts. Just turn on the game and enjoy the unique tropical African landscapes.

Sound design. The Russified version will allow you as a player to easily enter into discussions with other characters.

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Download Far Cry 2 Game For Pc Torrent

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