Download FIFA 13 Game For Pc Torrent


Download FIFA 13 Game For Pc Torrent

FIFA 13 Game is another legendary football game developed directly with the support of EA Canada. One of their divisions has made every effort to ensure that you and I can play the highest quality digital creation that can satisfy all the basic needs of all of us.

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Probably, those people who have repeatedly come across a series of FIFA games are well aware that, in fact, each of these creations is somewhat similar to its predecessor.

 Of course, today we will also touch upon and consider the game from the talented developers of the EA Canada studio, which is already called FIFA 13. 

If we compare this project with its closest analogues, that is, with other games related to the FIFA series, then the presented part significantly benefits from the presence of a large number significant innovations. 

Undoubtedly, all the changes have gone only for the better and have a positive effect on the local gameplay, which we will describe in detail in this article. Recreate the most realistic picture of the fight for the ball,

An all-new attack system gives players the best artificial intelligence in the history of the series. Now players can carefully analyze the entire environment, work harder, use ingenuity and cunning to free themselves from defenders and think through the game two moves ahead. 

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The game also has a Total Dribbling system, which is based on the game of the best football player Lionel Messi, which allows the player to make filigree movements with the ball in attack.

FIFA 13 features

A very smart attack. Thanks to the developers, in this part, the players can analyze the entire situation on the field, now they have become more diligent and smarter to work on overcoming the defensive lines and think through the game in advance two moves ahead. In addition, the players began to make dashes in order to take the defenders behind them and open up space for the pass.

Maximum dribbling. Ball handling now uses precise movement combined with realistic 360-degree ball movement. Martial arts have also become more dangerous and inventive.

First touch control. Thanks to the new system, the ball control mechanism has changed significantly, now the players have lost the same perfect first touch for everyone. Also, the defenders have the opportunity to use marriage when receiving to take possession of the ball.

Tactical Free Kicks. This system, which translates as the tactic of free kicks, will make them more dangerous, while allowing the player to think over their use and also use the best players on the team.

Player Impact Engine. All the improvements that have been made here will bring the game to a whole new level of physics, the process of fighting for the ball.

Commentators. As you already know, in the Russian version of the FIFA 12 game, the matches are commentated by Yuri Rozanov, Vasily Solovyov and a newcomer, acting at the edge of the field - Alexander Loginov (he is the winner of the commentator competition, which is held by the Rossiya 2 TV channel).

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Download FIFA 13 Game For Pc Torrent

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