Download Fuel Game For Pc Torrent


Download Fuel Game For Pc Torrent

The computer game Fuel is a post-apocalyptic racing game that will take place in a place that looks like the world from Mad Max. Well, first you need to download the Fuel Game torrent on our game portal, and only after that the introduction to the game will tell you that a real cataclysm has overtaken the planet in the future. 

And now its vast territory has turned into a wasteland, and many people simply left either the country or the planet, but there are many daredevils who travel all the time to these places in search of glory and adventure.

Game process

What to do if global warming has turned the climate into a kind of tumbler? And now hurricane gusts of wind and downpours are replaced by brutal heat. And typhoons completely sweep away everything that remains of the once prosperous cities. Civilization is dead. 

But then there are tough guys who are not at all against risking everything for the sake of a full tank of gasoline. Now the economy is in complete collapse, money and gold mean nothing at all, but the owner of a couple of canisters immediately becomes a very profitable bait for raiders. 

Thus, races were arranged across the vast, desert territory of Utah and Nevada. The one who wins will get cars and fuel, well, and the loser is left without any means of subsistence. Hurry up to saddle the most extreme models of vehicles that survived the years of cataclysms.

 buggies, cars, motorcycles seem to have stepped out of the Mad Max movies. Here, fancy engines roar, clouds of dust rise into the air, and, of course, no one cares about another hurricane. After all, what's the point in racing if there is no risk to life?

In fact, there are enough difficulties in the game, but if they do not scare you, then we recommend that you download Fuel via torrent on our video game website. 

Your opponents here are very strong, and they are not ready to give up and give you a win. In addition, the weather will interfere with you, which changes all the time and creates additional difficulties on your way. The climate will change all the time, and this will bring very great difficulties, especially when the arrow on your speedometer goes off scale.


As for vehicles, you can safely choose only modern ones. You must take control personally into your own hands, and only go forward, across the boundless expanses. In fact, all kinds of cars are reminiscent of science fiction that gamers have only seen on screens. You will find a loud roar of engines, large columns of dust from under the wheels, and much more, will plunge you into the amazing atmosphere of the game project.

 Even before the start of the races, a hurricane will begin, but none of the participants is ready to give up the opportunity to experience adrenaline, drive, and risk their lives.


Fuel is set in the near future at a time when America has become a desert due to environmental disasters.

In the presented project, 14,000 square kilometers of the game world awaits you! And if you didn't know, the game is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest game world in the history of computer games.

The developers have prepared for you 16 different types of vehicles, including: motorcycles, buggies, trucks, ATVs, etc.

A handy GPS-navigator is waiting for you, suggesting the shortest route. If you do not want to drive on the road, then boldly turn off and drive directly, through ravines, faults, slopes of volcanoes.

Gamers are challenged not only by opponents, but also by weather conditions - tornadoes, hurricanes, rains and landslides. You have to come up with a route taking into account the weather, and sometimes change it right on the go!

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Fuel Game via torrent for free.

Download Fuel Game For Pc Torrent

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