Download GTA 4 Game For Pc Torrent


Download GTA 4 Game For Pc Torrent

GTA 4 Game is already the 9-1 GTA project. The presented game project broke a record number of sales, and therefore it was included in the Guinness Book of Records. In this project, you will feel like a real car thief and a criminal personality. You have to play the role of Niko Bellic, who fled from Serbia to the United States after a brutal war broke out in his homeland.

 In order to somehow survive in a foreign country, the main character grabs almost any job. However, at one point he got to the right people - the Serbian community, who offered him a well-paid job. However, unfortunately, the work was not the best: Nick had to go to his wealth through violence and lawlessness. All this path is familiar to our character, he got used to it in his homeland during the war.


The fourth part of the most sensational series in the whole world tells about the main character, whose name is Niko Bellic - this is an ordinary person with a criminal past, who arrived in America with only one goal - to find a better life. 

After he settled with his close relative, he immediately faced a huge number of problems, and instead of a legal business and a quiet life, crime, shooting, murder, and the connection of all this with the past await him again.

The game invites its fans to take part in Niko's life, and for this you just need to download GTA 4 Game Original torrent on our game storage. 

Everything here begins with the usual transportation of “hucksters” and “drug dealers”, and gradually moves into a channel that is full of shootings, blood, showdowns, chases, thefts and robberies, victims and the loss of dear people.


Well, let's go directly to the mechanics. In fact, mechanics at one time was noted by all world experts. Stunning detailing of the surrounding world, large locations in the form of city districts, the realism of everything that happens, including gunfights and chases, thoughtful dialogues and smart NPCs - and all this is not a complete list of what the visual design and gameplay received top marks for. If you want to experience it yourself, then we recommend that you download the original GTA 4 Game via torrent on our video game site.

Features of GTA 4 Game Original

Now the entire east coast of the United States is at the service of gamers! After you install the game, your character will enter the huge metropolis of Liberty City, which is created in the likeness of New York. There are four islands in total, on which the districts of Algonquin, Broker, Bohan, Alderney, Dukes are located. It is in them that you will recognize Manhattan, Brooklyn and other famous corners of New York.

In GTA 4, living a life of crime has become much more difficult. In the event that in the previous parts it was possible to easily approach the car and get into it, now you have to either tinker with the lock or break the glass. With the police, everything is also not easy, they have become much more dangerous - even a lone guardian of the law is dangerous. And all this is perfectly conveyed by modern graphics.

A real metropolis. In order to get from edge to edge of Liberty City, you need an hour of time. The good news is that there are no famous traffic jams here, however, at times it would be better to take a ride on public transport. The city in the game is not only wide, but also very high. In the skyscrapers there are shopping, business centers, which Nikko can walk with pleasure.

The game project perfectly conveys the rhythm of modern life. Everyone in Liberty City uses cell phones, computers, do business, etc. So Nikko needs to do this tightly, because everyone around has become much smarter, for this reason they won’t allow themselves to be mocked, in which case, your boyfriend may be wanted at any moment.

On this page, using the button below, you can download GTA 4 Game Original via torrent for free.

Download GTA 4 Game For Pc Torrent

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