Download Journey Game For Pc Torrent


Download Journey Game For Pc Torrent

Journey is a game from Annapurna Interactive that was released back in 2012 on PS 3 and PS 4, but has only recently been ported to PC.

 So now you can download the game Journey via torrent on PC absolutely free from our gaming site.

 Journey is an arcade platform game. The graphics in the game are three-dimensional, but not very colorful like in other games. It is thanks to this that a special atmosphere is created in this game.

 Journey Game will take you on a great adventure across a vast game world dominated by vast sandy fields for the most part. The game evokes a charming atmosphere of the East, which will make you get closer to the essence of the game even more. 

A feature is a well-drawn picture and musical accompaniment, which further encourages you to fall in love with this game the first time.

Story and gameplay

According to the plot of the game, you are a researcher who decided to unravel all the mysteries of the desert. But this place was not always deserted. 

The sands enveloped this area after an ancient and powerful civilization disappeared here. That is why you are here - to reveal all the secrets of the disappeared civilization and find out the reasons for its death.

 Local buildings that were left by the people who once lived here will serve as hints here. Moreover, these buildings are very bizarre. All modern builders and architects are surprised by these buildings and do not understand how this was possible many years ago.

But not only the buildings of ancient people will attract your attention. Behind all these buildings you will see a high mountain that emits an unusual light.

 You will head towards this mountain. Along the way, it becomes clear that getting to it is not such an easy task. On the way to it, you will meet many obstacles, including those with bizarre buildings of ancient local residents.

 You also have to learn many secrets and solve insidious riddles in order to continue on your way to the goal. The most interesting thing is that you can go on such an unusual adventure both alone and with your friends.

 The game Journey will give you several hours of unforgettable sensations from a virtual adventure. Try it yourself!

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Journey Game via torrent for free.

Download Journey Game For Pc Torrent

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