Download Land of War The Beginning Game For Pc Torrent


Download Land of War The Beginning Game For Pc Torrent

Land of War: The Beginning Game is the first video game to focus on the first year of World War II (1939).

 Until now, this early phase of the war has been completely ignored. With their debut project, developers from the independent studio MS Games decided to fill this gap. The game can be seen as an introduction to other recently created World War II games.

 The battles presented in the adventure are based on real events. Many tools and equipment never appeared on monitor screens. Dozens of weapons, individual soldier abilities, and more are available. The focus of the gameplay is realism. Every movement of the character is calculated.

 Each barrel has its own weight and physical characteristics. The gameplay is based on intense action, where even one mistake of a team or a soldier can cost the life of an entire platoon. The action takes place in the time period preceding the events depicted in other World War II games. 

1939 was never touched by other developers. Land of War dramatizes the beginning of World War II through the eyes of an ordinary soldier. Inspired by the Medal of Honor classic and early classic Call of Duty shooter from World War II. You can download Land of War The Beginning Game torrent from our website for free.

The creators of LoW are fanatics of classic World War II shooters. As a result, the game reflected the principles behind some of the earliest games in the genre, with clean and simple gameplay, intuitive controls, and plenty of enemies. 

Sections of the game are based on epic, historical battles and authentic equipment and technology of the time. Based on a still little-known period of the Second World War, the game is characterized by fast-paced action, non-stop firefights and intense battles. 

When you decide to download the Land of War - The Beginning torrent on our PC, you will have many different types of weapons at your disposal, these are weapons that did not find any use at all in the main period of the war. Most of the weapons used in this game are prototypes that were used by the soldiers of the sides in the first year of the war, but later they simply ceased to be in demand. The same applies to military equipment and technology, and much more. The game is a real classic of the genre. LoW's dynamic plot with unexpected twists is reminiscent of good old shooters. A little-known weapon and equipment not previously seen in a WWII video game.

In addition to the unusual period of the war, Land of War uses weapons never seen before in a video game. At the very beginning of the war, part of the weapon was just a prototype. Others were used only in the first half of World War II, and later, after the spread of the conflict on a global scale, were never used. Use the gear and discover its unique abilities and origin stories behind it.

 But first you need to download the Land of War The Beginning Game torrent. Remember that fighting at the front is not so easy, because you need to actively use every opportunity to achieve a good result. Any mistake can immediately turn your adventure into a real death. Sometimes you need to attack enemies head on, sometimes you need to use the ability to sneak, which already speaks of the various tactical options available. Dozens of weapons that you have never seen before in the game. Realistic models that include all the features of the original equipment. Prototype weapons are produced in limited quantities and are used by elite units.

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- Chrome Vis

- Thompson

- Nagant Revolver

- Saber.

Download Land of War The Beginning Game For Pc Torrent

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