Download Life is Strange Before the Storm Game For Pc Torrent


Download Life is Strange Before the Storm Game For Pc Torrent

Foreseeing future events and managing time intervals is subject to your heroine, who in this game version will find a partner whom she saved in the previous version of this exciting adventure game. Your two desperate heroines can influence the course of events, which this time must complete completely new game missions.

 In Life is Strange Before the Storm Game, torrented directly from our free game server, you will be able to travel with your assistant from the past to the future and vice versa. 

This version of the game is an interactive movie, where a huge number of dialogues will take place. The whole process of the game will consist of three game chapters, each of which is interesting in its own way. Your main character is a real rebel who will look for new adventures,

Game plot

In this version, you will be able to manage time in a new way and move to various cities of the future and the past. Your two heroines must interact, jointly make their decisions that will affect the course of further game events. 

During the game you will unravel many mysteries and mysteries of the past. You must use the gift of rewinding time rationally. You can prevent murders, you can stop time to save new heroes. And now it will be possible to still find valuable resources at different time intervals.

 Your heroine will now be able to foresee the events of the future in a new way. As the game progresses, your friends will be able to reveal many mysteries and secrets. Since this is an adventure game, you will be able to solve even more complex puzzles in the course of the game action.

So in this new version, two friends will not be bored. Now you can fully take control of your time and manage it in your own way. A very interesting addition.

Game mechanics

During the game, you will have to think through all your game steps. And the main thing is to communicate in the mode of dialogues. This time there will be even more dialogues, and there is also the opportunity to play for each of the two characters.

 You can download Life is Strange Before the Storm Game via torrent completely free of charge by visiting our new online game resource. In each of the three episodes presented, you can learn new incredible stories. Manage time, reveal the secrets of the future, past and present together with your charming heroines. And you can complete additional quests by unlocking all three main episodes of the game.


Explore all game locations, solve as many new puzzles as possible. And now your heroines can become real detectives, because you will have to investigate many unusual cases in such an exciting interactive game. Chat more with other characters in the game!

Life is Strange Before the Storm features

Game locations. In this version, you will visit different places in different cities. Now there will be even more playable characters with whom you will enter into discussions.

Quests. This is a very exciting game mode where you will investigate crimes and disappearances of characters. For completing quests you will receive rewards.

Interactive cinema. You can see very exciting game retreats in the form of video clips in this game.

Two friends. Your heroines are inseparable girlfriends who together can go on exciting journeys through different time periods.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Life is Strange Before the Storm Game via torrent for free.

Download Life is Strange Before the Storm Game For Pc Torrent

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