Download Lords of the Fallen Game For Pc Torrent


Download Lords of the Fallen Game For Pc Torrent

An interesting and specific computer game that can be called a clone of Dark Souls with some creative rethinking, and created in the action-RPG genre with slasher elements and “puzzle” fights in a dark, fantasy world. 

It is important to note that representatives of two studios worked on the development of this game at once - City Interactive, Deck13 Interactive. Therefore, if you love the famous Dark Souls project, you like complex slashers where you need to develop your skills in order to stay alive, then we recommend Lords of the Fallen, download the torrent, which can be done without difficulty and problems using the services of our website.


First, visualization. The developers have tried their brainchild, creating for him a high-quality, three-dimensional virtual world. It is not exactly copied from Dark Souls, although it has similarities - it is also a dark, atmospheric and extremely unpleasant place where you have to die many times, then live, and die again, trying to destroy the next difficult boss. 

It is worth noting that the character in the game has similar movements to the main protagonist from Dark Souls, which once again hints at the "cloning" of the game. But, this cannot be unambiguously stated. 

Only one thing is clear, igrodely from two studios City Interactive and Deck13 Interactive love Dark Souls, and they know a lot about it, which they skillfully transferred to their product. Therefore, if you want to evaluate this unusual toy, try out its capabilities and your own skills trained after Dark Souls, then we advise you to download Lords of the Fallen, through the torrent for which you can use the resources of our site. So, let's discuss the gameplay features further.

Game process

Second, the game mechanics. It is worth noting that the actions of the hero in this product are traditional for any slasher - we find the enemy, enter the battle, try not to die, find weak spots, and skillfully use the advantage. 

In addition, our character has a considerable amount of destructive abilities that help to cope with almost any monster. As for the units opposing us, unlike in Dark Souls, here they are less agile and slow. But, if in the above product it was possible to train your skill and dodge any blow, then this will not work in this game. 

Most of the bosses hit almost 360 degrees along the entire axis, and even behind your back you can’t hide. Therefore, if you want to try this product, appreciate its beauty and unusualness with your own eyes, then we recommend Lords of the Fallen,

Features Lords of the Fallen

Quality visualization. Game designers have taken the trouble to provide their world with all the delights of the modern gaming industry. There will also be dynamic lighting, and all locations will consist only of high-quality high-resolution textures. And what animation and special effects, just a feast for the eyes!

By the way, the visual style of the game world also suggests similarities with Dark Souls - a gloomy, "raw" and uncomfortable place where you should not expect something good for our hero.

Interesting gameplay. The gameplay also has a lot of similarities with the above product. Even the character moves very similarly (especially notice how he rolls around the ground). The hero can get new elements of armor, and killing monsters brings not only the coveted gold, but also gives experience points that can be spent on pumping / learning abilities.

An exciting battle tactic. Opponents in the game are simple, and most often use a dense layer of armor, and powerful blows along a pre-planned trajectory. But, the blows are so wide that you don’t feel safe even behind the enemy’s back.

Therefore, you have to constantly guess the weak points, and the game also encourages the use of abilities. For example, one of the monsters - an armored "boar" is immune to any attacks, but for that a standard fire spell took away almost half of all his lives!

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Download Lords of the Fallen Game For Pc Torrent

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