Download Mass Effect 1 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Mass Effect 1 Game For Pc Torrent

We present you the legendary role-playing game from the developers of BioWare, which is called Mass Effect. In this project, you will immerse yourself in a truly exciting world of space adventures. 

All events in the game unfold in the distant future. At this time, the universe is ruled by an interracial alliance that leads the so-called "Council of the Citadel". In this very alliance, humanity is by no means in the first positions.

 Here you have to play the role of the main character, whose name is Shepard. He is the captain of an alliance spaceship. His main goal is to become the very first person - a "spectrum" - to be more precise, a fighter of the Council's special forces. Together with his team, he needs to uncover a very terrible conspiracy and prevent the evil that came from the depths of centuries from destroying the entire galaxy.

In Mass Effect 1 Game, you can download the torrent on our website for free, it gives you complete freedom of action. Here you can explore the universe which is full of different planets as you please. 

At each of several dozen locations, you need to complete various tasks and get to know new characters. In addition, you have the opportunity to independently choose the appearance, gender and outfit for your main character.


According to the plot of the game you will find yourself in the distant future. Here, people do not occupy the most advantageous position in the galaxy, but it is they who need to solve the universal conflict.

 The main character is Shepard, who claims to join the ranks of the Specters, where not a single person has yet been accepted. The most elite branch of the Citadel Council accepts mainly representatives of the turian race.

 And now one of the turians, whose name is Saren, one day decides to take over the whole world and resurrect the mythical army of the Reapers. Traveling across the various expanses of the galaxy on the Normandy spacecraft, the hero will need to assemble his worthy team that can resist the galactic conspiracy and prevent the death of races.

Game process

After you decide to download Mass Effect 1 Game torrent for free on our game resource, and launch it, you will be prompted at the very beginning to choose a name, gender, appearance, one of several background options, a class for your main character. In total, six classes are available for selection, and each of them implies its own style of combat and allows you to use certain types of weapons. 

Let's say an adept class hero is excellent at biotics, but doesn't know how to handle many weapons; the soldier, on the contrary, is fluent in a variety of weapons; the engineer specializes in hacking security systems, repairing equipment, and healing his allies.

 As for the other classes, they are combinations of the first three, for example, a scout specializes in long-range attacks; attack aircraft - very dangerous in close combat; the guardian is adapted for biotic or technical jobs that are suitable as support. All companion characters have their own individual classes, which are variations on the above. 

All players and their members can use any weapon, regardless of their class, but their effectiveness in combat will vary significantly.

Mass Effect 1 Features 

The game has won over 70 awards worldwide, including Game of the Year and RPG of the Year.

Beautiful, captivating story in the spirit of the best creations of Bioware

More than 300 playable characters are waiting for you in the game.

Mass Effect 1 has a very developed dialogue system, complete freedom to choose your own style of passing the game.

Also here you will find 40 star systems that are available for visiting.

Gorgeous graphics and convenient, fully customizable controls.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Mass Effect 1 Game via torrent for free.

Download Mass Effect 1 Game For Pc Torrent

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