Download Medal of Honor Airborne Game For Pc Torrent


Download Medal of Honor Airborne Game For Pc Torrent

The Second World War is in full swing, the German invaders are gradually occupying the major capitals of European states. The Nazis are using new military equipment, so now only the brave American paratroopers will help eliminate another military conflict in the new version of the popular FPS game. In this game, you will play as a brave American paratrooper who will parachute into the most dangerous military points.

 He will be able to take at his disposal and weapons - machine guns, flamethrowers, machine guns will be available in this game version. That's just at the beginning of the game you have to determine the location of the enemy in order to properly land on the occupied territories from an airplane using your parachute. The game Medal of Honor Airborne, the torrent of which can be downloaded from our website,

Game plot

Combat operations have already begun, so from a bird's eye view, you must carefully inspect the enemy's territory in order to deliver an unexpected and lightning strike. Even in the air, you will be able to destroy the enemy - at your disposal will be the latest weapons, modernized machine guns and grenade launchers, as well as hand grenades have become available in this game version. Each round of the game is a landing in the territory of your potential enemy.

 Having landed on the location of your in-game opponent, you will be able to give a decisive battle using a modified weapon. Your game team will be only experienced American paratroopers who have their own unique combat skills and characteristics. You can become not only an experienced paratrooper, but also the best sniper by completing difficult and dangerous game missions.

Game process

All of Europe is captured and occupied by the German invaders. You will parachute first in Italy, gradually moving through European locations. Your main goal in the game is the total destruction of Germany. 

But it will be difficult to get to Berlin itself. Therefore, it is best to use the joint game mode. Together with other users, you as a player will be able to create an unusual alliance. But you can’t do without a training mode here - you need to learn how to land correctly, and skillfully use your parachute.

 You can download Medal of Honor Airborne Game via torrent for free by visiting our updated game server. Your brave American paratrooper and his team are waiting for good rewards in the game - status upgrades, new ranks and titles - all this has become available in this game version.

And a few more words about the game!

Each stage of the gameplay begins with video clips that you must watch to find out about upcoming gaming events. The graphics are simply amazing, and the Russified interface will help you clearly complete all game tasks.

Features Medal of Honor Airborne Game 

Game outings. As an experienced and fearless paratrooper, you will be able to carry out military missions at your own discretion, you just need to carefully study the locations of opponents from the air.

Hand grenades. While flying on a parachute, you will be able to scatter grants over the territory of your potential enemy, causing significant damage to enemy territory.

Weapon. Each type of weapon in this game has unique combat properties that must be upgraded through the game rounds.

Training mode. Become not only a brave paratrooper, but also stay in the role of a well-aimed shooter, who, after another sortie into enemy territory, will be able to destroy entire battalions of German invaders.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download the Medal of Honor Airborne Game via torrent for free.

Download Medal of Honor Airborne Game For Pc Torrent

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