Download Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Game For Pc Torrent


Download Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Game For Pc Torrent

The military economy went into decline after a dangerous electronic worm destroyed entire technological systems.

 An organization called the Patriots, which had long controlled military technology, became a crime syndicate. And now humanity faces a new danger in the future. The history of this version of the game begins with such events. 

Now your familiar character - and this is a cybernetic ninja and a mercenary who has unusual skills and abilities, will mercilessly destroy dangerous enemies using new technological gadgets and his skills. 

In the game Metal Gear Rising Revengenace, which you can download torrent for free and directly from our new server, you will become a real avenger, and now the enemy will not say hello. Very dynamic game


The plot of the game tells about a hero who, in his protective suit and with a decent set of weapons, will identify and destroy criminal gangs who want to steal new military technologies and use them for the benefit of the inhabitants of a futuristic city. Your main mission is to stop such enemies using your unusual skills. 

You deftly owns all types of blades, and you can also very deftly deliver unusual blows to the enemy. You will be constantly monitored by radars and satellites, a variety of warning systems. You must be careful that the enemy does not track your every move in the game.

 Raiden, that's the name of your main protagonist, has an unusual sword that he can use to attack. You will have to attack not only ordinary criminals and gang members, you will also encounter robotic organisms. And these will be difficult opponents for you. 

You can defeat them by showing your hidden abilities, as well as the ability to become invisible to such opponents. A very dynamic slasher, where some scenes are a complete meat grinder. So dress up in a cybernetic ninja costume and start exterminating the newly minted enemies.

Game mechanics

During the game, you will be able to brutally crack down on crowds of enemies, while using a variety of weapons. But you can simply defeat the enemy by deception, because you have special talents for completing missions.

 Weapons can be obtained and upgraded, as well as equipment for your futuristic mercenary.

 Download Metal Gear Rising Revengeance via torrent from you can absolutely free on our updated game portal. The mission begins for your fearless hero.

In the game, you need to constantly change and upgrade your gear and equipment. Choose the right things to fight against certain enemies. Upgrade your weapons and equipment to the maximum before taking on dangerous cybernetic robotic machines.

Features Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Game

Reaction speed. Your hero has amazing speed characteristics, so he can quickly react to any situation and strike at the enemy with lightning speed.

Weapon. The blade is the main type of weapon that your mercenary uses, but now he also has an unusual sword that the hero will use to fight giant robots.

Tracking systems. Criminal groups and corporations control your actions using different systems. So you need to act covertly and unnoticed by the enemy - and your character knows how to do this.

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Download Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Game For Pc Torrent

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