Download Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Game For Pc Torrent


Download Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Game For Pc Torrent

Another part of a truly great series of computer games, implemented in the genre of command-and-tactical shooter with a huge, open world in the setting of the Metal Gear universe. It is worth noting that the titled developers from the Konami studio were engaged in the development of the game under the guidance of the "founding father" of the game series - Hideo Kojima. 

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the new part of this universe, try out the innovations, and find out for yourself about the advantages of the game, then we recommend Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Game, download the torrent, which can be done without any difficulties, waiting and other problems. And now let's discuss the advantages of this toy, highlight the strengths of the product.

Graphic arts

First, visualization. The developers decided to take a radical step. As you probably know, the world of this universe has always been limited by some kind of framework. The player was never allowed outside the drawn area.

 But, in the new game of the series, it was decided to abandon this. Before you is a huge, open world, in which elements from all over the globe are embodied. The action of the game takes place in our time, so you will not see any futuristic creatures, aliens, in this toy.

 It is worth noting that despite the large size, the quality of the elaboration of locations, detailing, and the “interior” of the levels did not suffer.

 The world is still filled with enemies, traps, tricky buildings, most of which were drawn by hand. Therefore, if you want to “walk” around this world on your own, then we recommend downloading Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Game via torrent, using the services of our website. Now let's talk about the features of the gameplay.


Second, the game mechanics. The gameplay of the toy returns to the canons of the series, and becomes like "a kind of puzzle". Each level of the game, whether you're in multiplayer or single player mode, has dozens of different ways to complete it. 

For example, on one of the missions you have to free a hostage from the far chamber on the ship. To get to this place, you need to eliminate dozens of soldiers. But, there is an easier option. A ventilation pipe leads into this chamber, which then departs, almost overboard. That is, when playing this product, you will have to constantly think about how else to get, pass and complete the mission. 

Naturally, the game has a system of achievements, pumping character skills, secondary heroes who can become your partners, and much more. That's why, if you want to appreciate this splendor right now, then we recommend Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, download via torrent, which can be done directly from this page. So, let's discuss the features of the game.

Features of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Game

Excellent picture. The developers did a good job creating the game world. They completely erased the frames, and provided the player with unlimited space. The elaboration of the levels, the fullness of the locations, and the detailing of the characters, the environment, at the same time, remained at a high level. In addition to this, the system of special effects has changed, which has become more spectacular and believable.

Unique gameplay. Each mission can be completed in dozens of different ways. Moreover, the developers themselves "force" the player to change the style, giving certain conditions for each mission. Do not use gadgets, use only a sniper rifle and so on. In addition, you can take secondary characters on missions that can really help you pass the levels.

Achievement system. Achieving a high result, you can get unique equipment for the main character and his wards, a new helicopter and other items that can be unlocked by completing special tasks.

Base management is now on your "shoulders". It is worth noting that in the game there was a place for management. Now you have to manage the base - hire new soldiers, train them, improve weapons, armor and other elements.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Game via torrent for free.

Download Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Game For Pc Torrent

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