Download Need For Speed ​​Carbon Game For Pc Torrent


Download Need For Speed ​​Carbon Game For Pc Torrent

Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne. This true dogma has now become the talk of the town for this unique racing simulator, where you have to challenge the best professional racers. 

Now all your cars in the game are so impressive with their behavior on the track that you, as a user, will not be able to tear yourself away from the gameplay. The coolest cars, nitrogen blowers, incredible fast races, and even police patrol cars will follow you during the entire gameplay. Seize the moment and appreciate the crazy drive of amazing racing races. 

The Need For Speed ​​Carbon game, which you can download torrent for free on our website, will surprise you with new features for the most unrestrained racers.


You start your gameplay in a large city. You will become a member of the most prestigious illegal races. All races take place at night, so you can see the real locations of the night streets of amazing cities.

 The girl, by the way, a luxurious and attractive lady, gives the go-ahead, and the race has already begun. You have chosen a transport for yourself - and these are modern cars that you can equip with the most unusual gadgets during the game, win a race on the streets, and then you will need to leave for new locations, because now you will be chased by super police cars.

 Earn your money in the course of street racing, and then move to the most dangerous mountain canyons.


You should definitely control the speed parameters of your car, because most of the time in the game you will spend on the most difficult mountain tracks.

 You need to escape from police persecution, so your car needs to be equipped with the best bells and whistles and devices. It will be difficult to get away from the police, especially since you will need to drive at night in the game.

 Download Need For Speed ​​Carbon via torrent you can absolutely free on our game server. And most importantly - it's full control of your most powerful high-speed super car. After all, the tracks are difficult, and not only the cops, but also the best professional racers will chase you. 

Accelerate incredible speed and get away from all pursuers.

Interesting Facts

Emotions just go wild when you see how spectacular racing can be. At night, you will see not only the bright lights of large cities and crazy cars, but also in the mountain gorges you, as a player, will be able to show the entire master class of driving the most sophisticated modern car. A very unique game that many users have already fallen in love with!

Features Need For Speed ​​Carbon

your opponents. You will compete only with the best racers. First you have to win a tournament in the city in order to be able to become the best in your business. And then go to the most difficult areas in the game.

Equipment for your car. It is best to equip your car to the maximum so that it becomes a real beast on the track. Neon lighting, cool gadgets, turbine superchargers - all this will help you win all the levels of such a unique racing simulator.

There is only one winner. You will be able to prove that it was not in vain that you came to the city to prove your superiority over the coolest racers. So earn yourself game points.

Devices on the screen. You will see the speed of your car, your pursuers, as well as your game rating in the corner of the game screen. Control all the actions of your car and your racer who will be able to earn good game bonuses in this hurricane game sports racing simulator.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Need For Speed ​​Carbon Game via torrent for free.

Download Need For Speed ​​Carbon Game For Pc Torrent

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