Download Need for Speed: The Run Game For Pc Torrent


Download Need for Speed: The Run Game For Pc Torrent

Presenting this series is at least not effective, it has long become a cult, and has grown into a whole media franchise. Any male person between the ages of ten and thirty in the observable universe knows about it. I don’t see the point in crucifying for a long time, you just need to take Need for Speed: The Run Game and download the torrent. 

As everyone knows, Need for Speed ​​is a racing game. Anyone who loves adrenaline speed, drifting, the roar of engines and the smell of burnt oil and rubber is welcome to download Need for Speed: The Run Game via torrent.

 The game is the eighteenth (!) sequel to the series from the legendary developers from Electronic Arts. The most distinctive feature of this part is the presence of a strictly linear mode and QTE moments, but more on that later.


The plot of the game begins with the fact that your game character (he is also the main character of the game's narrative) contacted the bandits (the mafia, if culturally) and made them debts as well. 

At the beginning of the game, this ends badly for him, since the game begins with the fact that the bandits, having stuffed him into a car press (along with the car), are trying to crush him. But miraculously, the hero manages to get out and elude the gangsters by stealing one of their own cars.

Everyone naturally remembers that there is no hiding from the mafia and the hero is also aware of this. It is urgent to repay the debt and redeem your life otherwise "kerdets". In this atmosphere, he learns and decides to participate in an illegal ultra-long haul, which is simply called "The Run" (The Run), the stakes for which are mind-blowing.


To put it in the dry language of numbers, your character will have to overcome over five thousand kilometers between San Francisco and New York. The route is divided into ten segments and passes through the main US metropolitan areas (Las Vegas, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver).

 Each segment will have its own qualification, that is, in the first one you must come among the first one hundred and fifty, and each time this figure will decrease. As a result, you either come first and get the main prize (twenty-five million dollars), or you are dead.

 Remember I talked about QTE moments? So, unlike the previous parts, you sometimes have to run around without a car. These moments will be rare and only in critical situations, but still. In general, the QTE-mode is characterized by a sharp short-term surge in the level of adrenaline, which you should like. In order to finally convince you of Need for Speed:

Need for Speed: The Run Game features

The game is one of the latest and one of the best in the racing genre.

New linear plot.

The presence of multiplayer and QTE-mode. I will also add that when performing tasks in QTE mode, you have to hide from the police on foot and get out of a crumpled car that fell from a bridge onto a railway track.

Additional adrenaline in terms of a limited number of saves. You can recover from a checkpoint a certain number of times, after which you start over.

Canceled the distinction between tracks for sprint and drift.

The developers announced a "relatively small" (quote) choice of cars is not large - it's over fifty standard and seven exclusive models.

More than two hundred racers participate in the race. So on an empty track you will not be bored. Places will have to be pulled out with teeth, with a fight, in a constant struggle. The main slogan of the game: No restrictions, no laws, no friends. Just you and your iron horse.

On some tracks, alternative outcomes are possible, depending on your actions.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Need for Speed: The Run Game via torrent for free.

Download Need for Speed: The Run Game For Pc Torrent

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