Download Outlast 1 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Outlast 1 Game For Pc Torrent

Outlast 1 is a classic first-person survival horror game developed by Red Barrels. According to the magazine "Igromania", the presented game project received the title "Horror 2013".


According to the plot of the game, our main character Miles Upshur is a journalist who received information from a reliable source that something secret and inexplicable is happening in the Mount Massive mental hospital.

 And now he goes there in order to get a new sensation. Upon arrival, Miles finds that almost all the entrances and exits are clogged, and the clinic itself is without any protection from the outside. Going inside, our journalist discovers something that defies any explanation at all, there are corpses and dismembered bodies everywhere, and former patients who have gone crazy walk along the corridors of the hospital, and many of them are mutilated and resemble mutants.

 And now, having seen all the horror happening inside, Miles Upsher is finally convinced that he will not back down even for a minute. And by all means, he decides to shed light on what

Graphic arts

According to critics and gamers around the world, the camera and all its functions are made by the developers of the game project at the highest level. As for the night vision device, it allows you to easily navigate through a dark, creepy hospital.

The developers created the effect of presence just fine - all this is facilitated by the excellent detailing of the premises, and the quality of drawing the characters. The gamer here can see to the smallest detail all the scars and wounds on the faces of enemies - although it is better not to let them get so close.


In Outlast 1 Game, the player takes on the role of journalist Miles Upshur. You will have to manage it in the first person. With him, our hero always carries a notebook, into which he makes various notes throughout the game, and a video camera. As you understand, Miles is an ordinary person who does not own any weapons, and the video camera is the only item that you can use.

His camera is equipped with a night vision device, without which it would be impossible to move around the hospital. However, remember that when using a night vision device, the camera starts to discharge very quickly, this forces the gamer to constantly look for batteries scattered everywhere.

Game process

As for the gameplay, it includes solving various simple puzzles, stealth movement, as well as moments in which you need to run away from your pursuers, overcoming various obstacles and hide in the dark, lockers, under beds and other inconspicuous, secluded places.

In Outlast 1, the main character has no allies, apart from Martin's father and one patient who follows and helps you throughout the game. In general, the game has a lot of scary moments, and if this does not stop you, then we recommend that you download Outlast 1 Game via torrent on our video game site.


Miles Upshur is the protagonist of the game. He arrives at Mount Massive Psychiatric Hospital for an independent investigation. At the very end, the Walrider breaks his leg and possesses him. The special forces arrived on time and shot him, but the Volrider saved Apsher's life. After that, he becomes the new host of the Walrider.

Father Martin is one of the patients who worships the Walrider and does not pose a danger to the gamer. At the very beginning of the game, Miles is put to sleep by a stab in the neck, thereby preventing him from escaping Mount Massive.

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Download Outlast 1 Game For Pc Torrent

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