Download Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game For Pc Torrent


Download Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game For Pc Torrent

Meet the second part of the cult series of games made in all the delights of the action genre, called Prince of Persia Warrior Within.

 The story of this project takes place after the events of the first part of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The storyline tells that, having returned to his native Babylon, the Prince discovers that he is being hunted by a supernatural being Dahaka - the reincarnation of Fate itself, longing for only one thing - the speedy death of the one who disturbed him. 

The prince completely forgot that during the rescue of the Sultan's palace, he inadvertently managed to break through the single Canvas of Time, thereby causing the coming of a terrible demon into our world. Our character decides to take the most desperate and unexpected step - a journey into the past, to prevent the emergence of the Sands of Time to restore the previous balance of power. 

Over time, the Prince matured into a grim, cold-blooded killer: he honed his fighting skills to perfection, but his heart became as cold as the breath of Dahaka. "Prince" has become much tougher and more difficult - are you ready to challenge Destiny itself and emerge victorious in their fights? If yes, then hurry up to download Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game torrent on our game portal.

Game process

In Prince of Persia Warrior Within, you must travel to an even darker world and fight strong, fearless enemies. There is more than enough cruelty in your world, so you need to fix this whole predicament, thereby saving the inhabitants. The developers offer you to plunge into an incredible atmosphere, where there are even more enchanting battles, and, accordingly, even more blood and tin.

Take part in dynamic battles where you will use your own skills to perform combat techniques, as well as use an arsenal of murder weapons. The main feature of the game is a dagger that can control time, which will help you a lot in the future. As for the plot, it is well thought out, and the soundtrack will complement the whole crazy atmosphere of everything that happens. 

Go back to the past, where you need to do everything possible to prevent the appearance of the sands of time - this is not so easy to do, so use your wits and use defensive techniques. Graphically, Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game is as flawless as the original itself. Added a huge number of special effects that convey the dynamics of the game in all its glory.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game via torrent for free.

Download Prince of Persia Warrior Within Game For Pc Torrent

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