Download Prototype Game For Pc Torrent


Download Prototype Game For Pc Torrent

Prototype 1 is an action game developed by Radical Entertainment. The release was in 2009. From the first minute of the game, you can understand that it is made to last, and that a lot of effort has been put into it. 

This large-scale project was actually worked out very well, that all the resources were used to create the main campaign, and the multiplayer was completely forgotten. But, do not worry, for this game this is not at all essential, it is also beautiful in single player mode.

 Before the release of the Prototype 1 game, you can download a torrent on our game resource for free and without registration, not everyone was sure that the trailer was true.

 After all, often the marketing department embellishes reality to attract an audience. However, as far as this game is concerned, the developers turned out to be honest, all the tricks,

The story of the game is not entirely original, the main character, who was subjected to various experiments, breaks free from the laboratory. At the same time, the terrible Blacklight virus breaks free. It spreads throughout the city, and the infected very often mutate and turn into monsters. The city is under martial law, they have orders to shoot anyone suspicious.


The main character in the game is Alex Mercer, who is passionate about finding out some of the details of his nature. He cannot understand why it is that when he is hit by a car, he does not fly off like a doll, but simply leaves a dent in the car. In the beginning, the infestation spreads very slowly and the city is not quickly plunged into chaos.

 There are areas where people live their normal lives, but the whole of Manhattan is completely isolated from the outside world. The entire map is available to explore at any time, but in order to open areas, you need to complete missions. The game does not restrict movement.


In this wonderful and exciting game, you can feel like a real superhero. You have a large number of unique tricks in your luggage, including the ability to fly and take on any form. But, there is your most terrible weapon - this is your body.

You play as the character Alex Mercer. He has no past, just some small memories. Something terrible was done to him, and he gradually mutates and turns his body into a terrible weapon. Who did this to him? To do this, you need to unravel the network of conspiracy and punish the perpetrators. It all boils down to a constant battle between the two strongest opponents - the professional military who are hunting you and the infected mutants that have flooded your hometown. 

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Interesting Facts

The main character can easily fall from the 20th floor and punch through tank armor, but he will remain completely unharmed. Alex is also great at floating on air currents, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He also has a very interesting ability to absorb people, taking on their appearance. It is very useful to transform into one of the soldiers, in such a suit you can call in airstrikes, initiate skirmishes between civilians and the military, or simply walk around enemy bases.

Features Prototype 1

Streets of New York. The action in the game takes place in modern New York, which is full of cars and people. This amazing city is very sensitive to everything that happens.

Obstacle course. Alex, has the ability to move around the city using parkour techniques, because he is not just a person, and he does not have insurmountable obstacles.

Ultimate weapon. After each enemy killed, Alex absorbs their abilities and "physical essence", and becomes even more powerful.

Death and destruction. You can topple New York into chaos. Fight entire squads of enemies, sow panic and destroy everything around with the help of Abrami tanks and Apache helicopters.

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Download Prototype Game For Pc Torrent

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