Download Rain World Game For Pc Torrent


Download Rain World Game For Pc Torrent

This is an unusual and funny arcade adventure game where your main character will be an unusual cat.

 This is a creature that, as a result of a dangerous forest virus, has undergone mutations and turned into an unusual slug cat. He needs to constantly look for prey and food for himself, because severe cold will soon come.

 But in the forest there are constant heavy rains. Your unusual cat will be able to find provisions only after rain. So you need to have time in dry weather to find for yourself as much food as possible. 

But you will be pursued by other competitors. These are also animal mutants, but they are distinguished by their powerful strength and their abilities. And your cat is weak, but very agile. In the Rain World game, which you can download torrent for free by visiting our new gaming website, you can learn how to easily climb trees, jump over huge obstacles, to outsmart the mutant beast and get the food they want.

 Four characters are available. Learn the characteristics of each slug cat and start foraging for yourself in bad weather. 

Stock up on as many provisions as you can to hibernate easily with these in-game supplies! Great game to have a good time.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Rain World Game via torrent for free.

Download Rain World Game For Pc Torrent

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