Download The Saboteur Game For Pc Torrent


Download The Saboteur Game For Pc Torrent

This game can rightfully be called a real spy action game, since you, as the main character, will perform various sabotage in the capital of France occupied by the Germans. It will not only be sabotage, but you are also driven by revenge, since one insidious fascist took away your closest friends from you.

 In the game The Saboteur, the torrent of which can be downloaded for free on our game server, you will perform various sabotage tasks, become a real rebel and avenger, and together with the French Resistance army and British officers, you will be able to liberate the occupied territory and avenge the death of your loved ones. 

You will have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal, and in close combat, using your fists, you can great learn how to deal with the German invaders.

The plot of the game

The events of the game will unfold on the territory of Paris, which has long been occupied by fascist invaders. You play as a guy who came from Ireland. 

By profession, you are a car mechanic who will participate in grand sabotage using your unusual skills. You will be able to drive vehicles, you will not constantly act alone, because allied forces will come over to your side and you, together with members of the Resistance and British paratroopers, will arrange real sabotage against the Germans in order to liberate such a beautiful city.

 You will use a variety of weapons, and even be equipped with unusual gadgets to commit unusual and large-scale sabotage. Your main character has unusual skills - he deftly wields weapons, can climb high-rise buildings, Yes, even has the skills of hand-to-hand combat and parkour. You will get yourself an unusual hero who will act decisively to avenge his relatives.

Game mechanics

To find enemies, you will need to constantly look for information and be undetected by your enemies. Visit various establishments, find out about the deployment of opponents in bars and drinking establishments, act covertly so that the enemy cannot detect you.

 As the game progresses, you will interact with partisans and members of the Resistance, who will be able to provide your character with significant assistance. 

It is possible to download the game The Saboteur Game via torrent directly and in free mode from our game portal. But the car is also your strong point, since you are also an excellent auto mechanic who can easily fool the Germans on the streets of Paris.


Your main character will blow up bridges, destroy trains, blow up vital enemy bases, and you will also be able to use the help of the already mentioned members of the French Resistance. As you can see, the more sabotage you can commit with the team, the sooner there is a chance to free Paris from the invaders. The path to victory is open to you, so start your sabotage activities right now!

Features of The Saboteur Game

We operate in secret. You can stay in the shadow of the enemy, you can quietly plant explosives in an enemy base, or you can even climb the Eiffel Tower and destroy opponents from there.

Parkour. You can easily climb the wall if you suddenly notice that the enemy has detected you.

Auto racing. On the streets of occupied Paris, you can easily break away from the enemy, given that your transport is equipped with unusual combat devices and installations.

Graphics For the first version of such a game, the graphic parameters are quite worthy. Moreover, constantly changing gaming locations - you can act both day and night.

On this page, using the button below, you can download The Saboteur Game via torrent for free.

Download The Saboteur Game For Pc Torrent

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