Download Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game For Pc Torrent


Download Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game For Pc Torrent

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a new part of the game about Lara Croft from the developer Eidos-Montréal. The publisher, as in the previous parts, was Square Enix.

 The game was released on September 14, 2018 and made an unprecedented sensation among gamers. The new part of the game features updated graphics and a new non-standard plot. You will meet the same Lara Croft, but this time the plot has become much more interesting.

 If you are bored reading the description and want to start playing right away, then we advise you to download the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game torrent from our website using one of the buttons below. Well, then we'll talk more about the new game.


New game new storyline. It is not like the previous parts and deserves special attention. We all heard about the prophecy of the ancient Mayan tribe, which promised the apocalypse and the end of life on planet Earth. And now the time has come when the prophecy must come true. 

Everyone has a different take on this story. Someone considers this a myth, and someone is seriously preparing for the end of the world. Here are the authors of the game and decided to focus on this topic.

 It's not for nothing that there was so much noise. In the story, Lara Croft will have to go to a new rear. She not only has to find the treasures of the ancient Maya, but also save the whole world from an inevitable catastrophe. It will be easy to do this, because, as happens in such adventures, there are many obstacles along the way.

 In addition, not only Lara, but also other characters in the game are in a hurry to become the owner of countless treasures. Escape from the bloodthirsty bandits is still half the battle, because you still need to get to the treasures and prevent the apocalypse itself. The main character has to overcome the jungle, dangerous mountains and much more. Fortunately, she has an arsenal of weapons and equipment is needed.

Game process

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game, you literally have to survive. After all, the local nature is not at all friendly. You will make your way through the dangerous jungle, explore underwater expanses with deep crevices and winding tunnels. Of course, you will have to fight with enemies. 

And as usual, there are many enemies, and Lara is alone, and besides, the enemy is stronger. But that's no reason to give up. If you want to defeat a strong opponent, be smarter. The jungle will help you with this.

 Learn from the jungle to be invisible and attack from nowhere. Disappear in impenetrable thickets, disguise yourself with mud and instill fear and terror in your enemies in order to sow panic.

An integral part of the gameplay of the Tomb Raider series of games is the search for hidden tombs. This part is no exception. You have to go down into the dark and terrible tombs, so terrible that you have never seen them before.

 To get to them requires not a hefty skill, therefore it is better to practice first. Well, in the tombs themselves, insidious traps await you. Opening the tomb is not easy. You will have to strain your brain and be smart, because there are still difficult puzzles waiting for you.


Among other things, in the game you can get acquainted with the history of the ancient Mayan people. You will be able to learn live about their way of life, traditions and in general about their life. Thanks to modern graphics technology, you seem to be immersed in their lives and go back in time. You can also find out what the predictions of the ancient people meant and what mystery the people who lived there hid.

Features Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game

Survival. The game will teach you how to survive in the most dangerous region of the planet. Use the jungle and learn from the animals that live here. This will help you not only get resources, but also save yourself from enemies who follow you on your heels.

Undersea world. The new part of the game will send you to the underwater world with many deep gorges and intricate tunnels. Don't get lost in them.

Find secret tombs and find out their secret. No matter how scary they are, you have to be brave. But do not forget, each tomb is fraught with not only a secret, but also a danger in the form of traps.

Get to know the history of the ancient Mayan people. Find out the meaning of their predictions, get acquainted with their life and prevent the end of life on planet Earth.

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List of additions:

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Download Shadow of the Tomb Raider Game For Pc Torrent

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