Download Spider-Man 3 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Spider-Man 3 Game For Pc Torrent

The presented project, called Spider-Man 3 Game, is developed on the basis of the Spider-Man 3 movie of the same name, in which everyone's favorite Spider-Man again began to resist evil in New York. 

In fact, the style of this game project is very similar to Spider-Man 2, in which the gamer could move around the city in his free time between tasks. This time, the developers have increased the "sandbox" and now you have the opportunity to go down into the subway tunnels and sewers.

 In addition, in Spider-Man 3 Game, the storyline will allow you to deviate from the events of the movie, while even more engaging fans of the series in the gameplay.


The game project begins with Peter Parker in the role of Spider-Man rushing to the aid of the people who are in the building, because at that moment they were attacked by bandits in suits. Peter did everything in his power and flew away with a huge number of questions: who are they and why did they need to detonate bombs in a skyscraper? After that, he flies on a web around New York. 

Harry Osborne, who was his former best friend, no longer speaks to our main character, and a new rival reporter appears in the Daily Bugle - Eddie Brock. At this time, Flint Marco, who escaped from prison, enters the laboratory and turns into Sandman, and a meteorite with a symbiote inside falls to Earth.

Later in the story, Spider-Man takes his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson for a walk around the city, after which he starts talking about Harry. While Mary Jane comforts Peter during a conversation, the symbiote clings to his legs. And Harry Osborn, in the past - Peter's best friend, turns himself into the new Green Goblin, dreaming of avenging his father's death. Ready to find out what's next? Then hurry up Spiderman 3 game download torrent on our game repository. We wish you good luck!

Chip game

The most important "chip" in the game can be considered the appearance of a dark suit of Spider-Man. If you decide to wear a regular red and blue suit, your character will be more mobile and loved by the public. Well, if you choose to change into a dark version of the outfit, then your character will become much stronger, braver and even more aggressive. Separately, it is worth noting that the black suit is automatically put on at certain points in the passage and this cannot be influenced in any way.

In addition, cinematic scenes appeared in the game on the engine, during which you need to have time to press the buttons that appear on the screen.


Immediately after the release of the third episode of the movie about Spider-Man, fans were at least surprised by his fading and incomprehensibility. In order to recreate the grandiose special effects, the filmmakers did not spare hundreds of millions of dollars, and, apparently, everyone forgot about the storyline. In the end, aside from the massive box office returns, the enthusiastic screams from the fans of a great film, and the absolute inner emptiness at the end of its viewing, there was practically nothing to be gained.

Features of Spiderman 3

In Spider-Man you will find as many as 10 exciting stories about our main character, including a mission based on the plot of the movie "Spider-Man 3", which you can read immediately after you decide to download the game Spider-Man 3 Game via torrent on our website web resources.

In the presented game project, as in the previous parts, the voice acting was done by actors from the original film.

The developers have prepared bright, colorful graphics.

You are waiting for dynamic, exciting combat scenes.

Excellent musical accompaniment and well-chosen sound effects.

Meet the most iconic comic book character on your PC.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Spider-Man 3 via torrent for free.

Download Spider-Man 3 Game For Pc Torrent

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