Download Thief Game For Pc Torrent


Download Thief Game For Pc Torrent

Twisting a rich medieval official around your finger is only possible for your main character in this exciting adventure combined game with parkour elements. A lot of time your main character spent on his tricks and tricks for his own gain. He could break open any door, find hiding places, steal and hide in an unknown direction in his hometown. 

But now he sees that his people and the inhabitants of the city are in danger. The rich decided to just bring the inhabitants of the city to their knees, and now your main character must become a real Robin Hood.

 He will ruthlessly plunder rich anti-heroes, giving treasures and in-game rewards to the common people. But his mission will be dangerous, because the mysterious Rich has gathered his minions to fight your protagonist. In Thief Game,


Your main game mission is to explore locations. This is your first priority, because in the locations you can find many valuable items and weapons for your subsequent fight against insidious villains. In this game version, you will also be able to complete other game missions.

 You must constantly be invisible to your enemy. You will be attacked by insidious guards, whom you have managed to rob many times, and during the game you, as the main character, will have to learn how to use your unusual gaming talents.

 These are parkour skills, that is, overcoming huge obstacles using your incredible game tricks. Cling to the walls using the hooks found on the locations, and also resort to the help of your invisible means. For such game tricks, you will undoubtedly receive good game bonuses and rewards.

Game mechanics

In this version of the game, you can teach your hero new tricks. You will be able to rob entire convoys. Only now you need to be focused and sustained. If you do everything wrong, you will not be able to steal treasures from the convoy, which you will see in a gloomy location.

 But if you can bring as many artifacts and treasures as possible to the piggy bank of the inhabitants of your city, the more rewards you can get for yourself. In the game Thief, which you can download torrent for free on our website, you can become a real hero. Being a thief and savior of your people is simply unique.


When you jump on the roofs, trying to elude the enemy, be extremely focused. You'll need cover on top of the buildings, but you won't find any. This requires some skill and tactics from your main character in such an adventure and spy game! Good luck you fair thief!

Thief Game Features

Traps. You will be able to independently set traps and traps in locations, thus trying to simply confuse your opponent.

Mysterious city. During the game, you will still have to find out why the city became so gloomy, who brought it to such a state. Additional quests are thus provided to you in the game.

Equipment. You will be able to completely upgrade your unusual equipment. Masks, protective suits are your main equipment. Being in the shadows is one of your main tasks in the game.

Combat system. You can use your crossbow, or you can hand-to-hand, but unnoticed by the enemy, leave it with nothing. A thief remains a thief in any case.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Thief Game via torrent for free.

Download Thief Game For Pc Torrent

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