Download Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Game For Pc Torrent


Download Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Game For Pc Torrent

On this we are pleased to present you a new project from the developers of Ubisoft Paris, which is called Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. This game was created in the genre of tactical shooter. The most important event is the availability of a new open large universe. The developers unanimously claim that in the future everything will be opened in a new way and no repetitions are expected anymore. All events in the game take place on the territory of the South American continent, where a trained squad of ghosts will catch drug dealers.


According to the plot of the game, all events take place during the events taking place in Bolivia. Here, the developers decided that it was Bolivia that was the largest point for the supply of narcotic substances. In the country, the evil, greedy punisher Santa Blanca has the reins of government. As long as this cruel man and his underlings are in power, no one in the whole world will see any bright future.

 In order to radically solve this serious problem, the US government decides to create a special detachment, codenamed "Ghosts". This is a detachment that was founded with the aim of destroying the entire dictatorial regime of Blanca and removing him from office. 

Only the best and most prepared get into the detachment. Are you ready to be among them? Then we recommend that you download Ghost Recon Wildlands Game torrent for free on our gaming portal right now.

Get on the path of goodness

This time around, the game will ditch the various tactical elements of previous releases and become a true open-world third-person arcade shooter. The game takes place in Bolivia. In the game, you have to become part of a military group called "Ghosts" and infiltrate the territory of a drug cartel known as "Santa Blanca" in order to restore peace and order.

 In the meantime, you can download the Ghost Recon Wildlands torrent for free on our video game site. The entire gameplay is designed for one player or for a team symbiosis of 4 people.

Decisions for the player

Ghost Recon Wildlands Game is now in an updated version and it can force every gamer to completely change the tactics of performing various tasks. This indicates the refusal of the creators of a clear structure of tasks for execution. According to the plot, the player has complete freedom in choosing his actions.

 Here you can decide for yourself how they approach missions and tasks. I would also like to note that the tasks in the game can be completed in a hidden mode, that is, using distractions, cunning tactical attacks or open attacks, combining and confusing your opponent.

Any of the members of the "Ghosts" group is obliged to make difficult decisions that will affect not only the team of fighters, but also the development of the plot as a whole. The developers of the game have completely moved away from the tactics of past releases of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and now it is a third-person arcade shooter with an open world.

Features Ghost Recon Wildlands Game

Destroy the cartel completely. A couple of years ago, Bolivia became one of the largest producers of cocaine in the world. The Santa Blanca cartel has turned the whole country into a real drug factory.

Become one of the "Ghosts" You must create and customize your "Ghost", as well as all of his weapons and equipment. Here you will find complete freedom to choose the style of the game. Lead your team forward and destroy the cartel.

Explore Bolivia. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is Ubisoft's most expansive open world adventure yet. Here you will find beautiful and diverse landscapes, various journeys, tasks and much more.

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All DLC add-ons are present:

- Season Pass Year 1

- Narco Road

- Fallen Ghosts

- WW Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Uplay Activation

- WW Pre-order Standard Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Pre-order Standard Uplay Activation

- ASIA Pre-order Standard Uplay Activation

- WW Pre-order Deluxe Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Pre-order Deluxe Uplay Activation

- ASIA Pre-order Deluxe Uplay Activation

- WW Pre-order Gold Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Pre-order Gold Uplay Activation

- ASIA Pre-order Gold Uplay Activation

- WW Deluxe Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Deluxe Uplay Activation

- WW Gold Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Gold Uplay Activation

- Season Pass Uplay Activation

- Narco Road Uplay Activation

- Fallen Ghosts Uplay Activation

- Free Weekend Ownership

- Free Weekend Ownership RUCN

- Full Game Ownership

- Ghost War Pass

- Ghost War Pass Uplay Activation

- Year 2 Pass

- Y2 Uplay Activation

- WW Gold Year 2 Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Gold Year 2 Uplay Activation

- WW Ultimate Year 2 Uplay Activation

- RU/CN Ultimate Year 2 Uplay Activation.

Download Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Game For Pc Torrent

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