Download We Happy Few Game For Pc Torrent


Download We Happy Few Game For Pc Torrent

We Happy Few is a game that spans a whole range of different game genres! The game is retrofuturistic, psychedelic and dystopian at the same time, which will literally blow the mind of any gamer! The game was developed by independent Montreal indie studio Compulsion Games in 2015.

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The plot of the game

The game takes place in an alternate 1964 in the fictional English city of Wellington Wells, reminiscent of a futuristic version of a typical Tudor settlement with dystopian overtones.

 According to the plot of the game, the town separated from "our" world back in 1933, when Germany occupied England during the Second World War. The inhabitants of the occupied town did not lose their heads and invented a certain substance called "Joy" (Joy) to endure suffering more easily, and this mistake led to a dystopian future. As we can see, the plot of the game is quite similar to the famous feature film Equilibrium, though with some changes.

 According to the plot of the film, all people had to earn money for some substance that suppressed all their emotions and made them literally "machines" for work. In the movie universe any manifestation of emotions was punishable by death.

 Also, this turn of events led the film universe to a dystopian future. The game follows the same path, but instead of suppressing emotions, people should take some substance that will give them a feeling of euphoria and joy. Anyone who experiences other emotions is subjected to a terrible punishment.

Game process

You can download We Happy Few Game via torrent right here. All citizens should always be happy and friendly to each other. Only those who refuse to take the “Joy” substance can bring them out of themselves.

 Such people are called "losers" (Downers) and they are hunted. The player will take on the role of an ordinary person trying to survive in a "crazy" world. His task is to avoid suspicions in every possible way that he does not use a drug that gives euphoria, and if suspicions cannot be avoided, to fight with angry residents or hide. The player can take the easy route and just take Joy pills, but they cause terrible side effects, so we advise you to play the game in a more difficult way and just not arouse suspicion among the "buffed" residents of the town.

Features We Happy Few Game

The developers managed to create a real alternative world by rewriting the real-life history of the Second World War in their own way, thereby bringing to life the display of a retrospective fictional town of Wellington Wells and recreating in it an atmosphere of psychedelicity of what is happening, with a slight touch of dystopia, which fans of the same Half like so much -Life 2, Dishonored and Singularity. 

The atmosphere of the game is just off scale!

One of the main ideas of the game was borrowed from the famous feature film Equilibrium, in which people had to take a substance that suppresses their emotions. In We Happy New, it's exactly the opposite and people have to take substances to feel joy and nothing but joy.

Funds for the game were raised on the well-known Kickstarter site. The fans themselves financed the development of the game, so the game came out literally "from the fans - for the fans."

A wonderful soundtrack that greatly enhances the atmosphere of the game and immerses the player headlong into a dystopian future in which everyone forgot about real emotions and mindlessly experience happiness, pumped up with the disgusting substance "Joy".

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Download We Happy Few Game For Pc Torrent

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