Download The Witcher 1 Game For Pc Torrent


Download The Witcher 1 Game For Pc Torrent

Meet the first version of an unusual role-playing game, which is based on the works of the famous Polish writer, who told about the constant struggle against the dark forces and all evil spirits. You will meet an unusual hero - this is a ruthless hunter for demonic forces, who arrives in one province, where a huge number of various dark creatures are rampant - demons, vampires, werewolves - you can see such characters in this exciting role-playing game.

 Your hero has a huge arsenal of weapons in store to fight such terrible creatures.

 In the game The Witcher 1, you can download the torrent for free on our game server, you will go through many locations and meet various characters. Be prepared that there are many dangerous traitors among them, so finding a partner will not be easy.


Your main character's name is Geralt. He had already been born a man with unusual abilities. Now he ends up in one province after his friend died. Here he will meet with a huge number of demonic creatures.

 Werewolves and vampires, insidious monsters and monsters - these are the dangerous creatures you will encounter in the game. Your evil slayer is an experienced hunter who has a silver blade, silver bullets and a variety of magical potions and spells. As the game progresses, you will also meet corrupt people.

 These are princes, as well as courtiers who took the side of the dark forces. But with such experience as your hero, you can send to hell a huge variety of demonic creatures that flooded the province and plunged it into darkness. 

The plot of the game is constantly changing, you will receive new tasks for your character, which he must complete. And your hero himself will be able to turn into an animal.

Mechanics The Witcher 1

All the time you will be at work - to search for and destroy the demons of the night, which skillfully hide in the gaming locations. Skillfully using your magic spells, you can send hundreds of creatures to hell. Using magic circles, you can easily turn into any animal in order to quickly get close to the enemy in the game The Witcher 1, which you can download a torrent absolutely free from our game portal. 

Use all magical artifacts. They will help you deal with all enemies in a short period of time. And then it will be possible to move on to a new, more difficult stage, where the most dangerous bosses from Hell await you.

And a couple more words

Arriving in the province, you must inspect the locations, so use the hints on the game map. And given the fact that the game is fully translated into Russian, it will be easier for you to complete your game missions. Help Geralt catch and send to hell as many dark creatures as possible.

Features The Witcher 1 Game

Weapon. Your silver bullets, crossbow and blade are the main weapons to fight enemies. The crossbow shoots arrows that are filled with poison. One shot, and the evil spirits fall backwards.

Magic stuff. You can use spells to put the enemy to sleep, but magic circles can be used to turn your hero into a formidable animal.

Game points. For each found and destroyed enemy, you will receive unusual points to develop both combat and magical skills of your evil spirit hunter.

Traitors. In this dark world, beware of traitors and corrupt characters, carefully study the features of each character you meet.

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Download The Witcher 1 Game For Pc Torrent

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