Download World War Z Game For Pc Torrent


Download World War Z Game For Pc Torrent

A deadly virus has again hit our planet, turning ordinary city dwellers into bloodthirsty creatures - monsters. Now you have to find the survivors and make your way to safe zones with them. There will be even more opponents, because a dangerous virus is spreading with incredible force. 

As a player, you have to take charge of a character who, together with his squad, will make his way through the crowds of mad zombies. They are everywhere, so be careful.


The events of the game will take you to the largest cities of our time. You will find yourself in New York, you will also be able to visit the capital of Russia, and even on the territory of sacred Jerusalem, you will be able to repel the attacks of insidious monsters. 

You are a survivor, and behind you are also people whom you will lead in an attack against such creatures. But the main thing is not to lose your team members. After all, the slightest wrong step can turn your assistant into a bloodthirsty zombie.

 So if you lose your survivors, you will also lose precious game points in this way. Once in the ruined city, you will have to take care of shelters, because basically you will be defending yourself from enemies.


To successfully complete the game stage, you will need to barricade yourself in locations. With the help of your assistants, you can build defensive structures, and it is also possible to find improvised means to deal with such creatures.

 In the game World War Z, which every user of our free game portal can download a torrent, you must constantly monitor the health of your team members.

Concluding the review of the game, it should be noted that you will be able to move around the locations with your team. And do not forget to constantly monitor your wards, because the enemy can appear suddenly and turn the survivor into another zombie!

World War Z Game features

cooperative mode. This mode provides for the participation of four players who will be able to visit all game locations in real time, namely the mentioned world megacities.

Zombie. The number of such enemies is growing, because the virus is spreading quickly, affecting all living things around.

Attacks. Do not sit in shelters, but together with other survivors, try to destroy as many opponents as possible. Attack using all possible means found on the locations.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download World War Z Game via torrent for free.

Download World War Z Game For Pc Torrent

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