Download ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Game For Pc Torrent


Download ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Game For Pc Torrent

ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Game is a dark fantasy 2D side-scrolling RPG where you unravel the mystery of a kingdom that has fallen in the rain of death.

 Events take place in a tragic but beautiful world with majestic palaces, flooded forests and underground forbidden territories - Outland.

 On this sad journey, many huge opponents await you, who - if you hesitate a little - will immediately take your life. But if they win and free her from the spell, they will become Lily's allies. You can overcome all obstacles and go to the end of this journey to find out the truth about this story with knights and lilies. First of all, it is worth noting that you will get a really interesting adventure that you have to go through.

 Explore palace ruins, flooded forests, go once through the underground expanses of the forbidden world and much more. You visit places you didn't even know existed.

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Lived in a distant Outland. Suddenly, the "death rain" began to drive living beings crazy, living bodies - "dishonored". The human spirit could not stand this tragedy, and the kingdom collapsed. Endless like hellish rain. 

In this lost world, in the depths of the church, a girl wakes up. Her name is Lily. This rain not only destroyed all life, but also turned all dead creatures into insanely living dead, whom they called "spotted". 

Mankind could not stand this catastrophe, so the kingdom was forgotten ... But at some point, the heroine Lily wakes up in the guts of an unknown church, and then all the main activities begin.

Exciting maps stretch out in different directions and you can explore them in all directions. New secrets and clues replace each other, and the search is simply impossible.

 So hurry up to download ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights. It all depends on you - where to start the mission and what to fight with the enemy. The excitement of the match and the joy of victory. Combat really inspires you because you just need to rest a bit - and that will lead to death. Combine dodges, strikes and attacks to achieve victory.

 Gain skills (swords, bows, magic - 26 skill types in total) and defeat many of your vicious skills. Choose your skills and create your own fighting style. Relics allow you to change parameters and customize character development to suit your play style. Do not give up,

A look at a world where beauty is seen in despair. The contrast between the main characters - an innocent girl and an immortal knight. Stunning world with beautiful 2D graphics, animation and sound. Adventures, meetings and fights of a girl who finds herself in a tough relationship with those who were once her friends. How this story ends depends on your decision.

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Download ENDER LILIES Quietus of the Knights Game For Pc Torrent

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