Download The Guild 3 Game For Pc Torrent


Download The Guild 3 Game For Pc Torrent

Your attention is given a completely new version of a computer game in the genre of economic simulator, which is called "The Guild 3". The presented computer video game is a continuation of the popular and already legendary The Guild series of games about a powerful European dynasty.

 The developer is a well-known studio company GolemLabs.

The plot of the game

As before, all the action in the game takes place during the Middle Ages, in one of the classic medieval cities. This city is inhabited by people with various occupations: merchants, artisans, aristocrats, and so on.

 Having launched the game Guild 3 in Russian, you will immediately see a huge selection of actions. 

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This time you can manage a craft enterprise, build your own career, become a leader in a gang, and many other interesting vacancies await you.

In this amazing town, during the passage you will meet many other residents, including workers. I am very pleased that the game has an impressive number of vacancies.

 In the event that you become the leader of a gang, then you will definitely be able to easily climb your career ladder.

 While the workers are doing their work, you, together with them, will perform those tasks that will bring you good profit in the future. Thanks to this, then you can buy something very necessary for yourself, which will later help you in various game situations.

It is up to you to decide which fate to choose: you can become the leader of a gang of thieves, a merchant, an artisan, a politician, or even learn black magic and summon the dead with it.


At the very beginning of the passage of the main company, you will be given a fairly large city in terms of area and population. In its very center there is a beautiful castle, and the territory itself is artificially divided into different quarters, some of which would be better not to enter at first. 

You will also have to get acquainted with representatives of different segments of the population, the bourgeoisie, the aristocracy, peasants, and simple artisans are represented here. Each of the characters has a large number of intrigues, needs and desires, if you want, you can consider all this in more detail.

 In fact, you will be surprised by the amount of intrigue and action that takes place on the screen at the same time, you simply do not have time to follow everything that happens, and therefore it is best to concentrate on one thing. For a better understanding of the game and gameplay, we recommend that you download The Guild 3 Game torrent for free on our wonderful site. 

If you have never played tactical and strategic toys before, then the developers have provided a built-in training mode just for you. Over time, you can choose the desired level of difficulty for a comfortable passage.

 In addition to all this, the game supports replay value. In my opinion, it is very interesting to go through the toy several times, and each time I focus my attention on different segments of the population in order to achieve maximum respect from them. Over time, you can choose the desired level of difficulty for a comfortable passage. In addition to all this, the game supports replay value.

The Guild 3 Game Features

This time, the developers have made it more difficult to climb the career ladder. If earlier it was not at all difficult to do this, now you have to “puff” a little.

Even if you are in a high position, you will have a lot of problems that need to be resolved urgently. You will also need to pay attention to your family. You can only control your main character.

Also in the game The Guild 3 you will find a multiplayer mode for up to sixteen players. In addition, there is an advanced editor, thanks to which you can radically change the game, making it to your taste.

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Download The Guild 3 Game For Pc Torrent

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