Download Oxygen Not Included Game For Pc Torrent


Download Oxygen Not Included Game For Pc Torrent

Developers Klei Entertainment, who brought to light such a masterpiece as "Don't Starve!", offer their fans a brand new creation called "Oxygen Not Included". 

The whole point of the game project is to build a colony in the bowels of an asteroid. The game is created in a vertically two-dimensional form and is filled with beautiful, perky humor. In order for your colony to develop and not die, in addition to extracting the basic elements: water, food and oxygen, you need to build a lot of structures, and you need to do this by carefully considering their location. Well, are you ready to plunge into the fascinating world? Then hurry up to download Oxygen Not Included Game via torrent on our game portal.

Game process

Oxygen Not Included is a new indie game that is sort of a survival simulation on an underground space colony. You need to dig yourself a dungeon in some asteroid to create your own colony there. 

Undoubtedly, you have to provide your new home with oxygen, water, food, heating and many other vital resources. But at the same time, it is worth considering that your settlers are still people, and for this reason, being full and just breathing is not the height of dreams, and if you want your people to be happy, you need to take care of satisfying their human, and not just animal needs.

In general, the game project is made in a pleasant style that vaguely resembles Don't Starve!, but at the same time, this is a completely different game with a completely different story and reality, so you will only notice the familiar handwriting of everyone's favorite Klei. Right now you have a unique opportunity to download Oxygen Not Included torrent on our website of web resources.


This time the gameplay of the game has become even more diverse, and you will notice this at absolutely every level, because it is very different at almost all stages of the passage. The developers of the presented digital creation pleased with another additional program - localizers, thanks to which the crack appeared. Now every gamer is waiting for the process "in Russian", and this adds more clarity to the gameplay. Some people are very afraid to download games in a foreign language, but now there are no barriers to passing.


This time, the players will get a fairly extensive colony. Here you have to take control of the settlers and do everything possible to ensure that the colonists feel as comfortable as possible in the conditions of hard space. During the passage of the game project, you will have a variety of difficulties that you have to solve. You will have to build and dig a lot, but apart from that, maintain the base. In order for the inhabitants not to die, you need to provide them with food, water, oxygen, heat and other resources.

From the name of the game "Oxygen Not Included", you can immediately understand that here you will have to learn how to survive for some time without it. Well, if such obstacles do not scare you, then the presented game project is really for you. The developers also proposed a very unusual project with indirect control, where the main activity is the vertical two-dimensional creation of a colony, which is carried out in the depths of an asteroid. It is worth noting that this time the gameplay has become even more diverse and different at all levels. Here you will certainly not have time to be bored, because sparkling humor will accompany you at almost all stages.

On this page, using the button below, you can download Oxygen Not Included Game via torrent for free.

Download Oxygen Not Included Game For Pc Torrent

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