Download Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Game For Pc Torrent


Download Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Game For Pc Torrent

Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Game is an action adventure that combines elements of RPG and city building, where we will play the role of a classic hero to fight in defense of an oppressed tyranny. Third party game. 

Like the king of thieves, we will steal, rob, fight, ride horses, shoot from an arc, help the poor, and expand the forest village and its community. In the game we will have an open world that we can explore freely.

 As the legendary king of thieves you will have to rob, put in battle, drive horses, shoot archery, help the poor man, and also, importantly, to expand your own settlement. 

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 Robin Hood - The hero of medieval English folk legends who lived with his comrades in Sherwood Forest and fought against the despotic Sheriff of Nottingham. 

The fort encompasses all of the famous Sherwood Forests, which, in addition to a few other notable locations, will be completely open to exploration. Explore all available areas to get a thorough picture of what's going on.

In the game we will meet legendary characters such as: Lady Marion, Little John, Brother Tak, Allan from the valley and will be ala. As we progress, we create a kind of contact network; Not only do we meet only potential recruits for our camp (which can be found both in the villages and in the city of Nottingham), but we also get to know local merchants and farmers with whom we can trade our profs. 

Our main task in the game will be to create a community of rebels outside the law as much as possible. We will be looking for recruits from peasants from the surrounding farms and villages, as well as from the people and guards of the city of Nottingham, we will have to take care of many aspects of people's lives to keep our allies healthy. And for this you need Robin Hood game download torrent right now.

The first task will be to build a forest camp that will grow with new residents. We will have to strategically choose a place in the vast Sherwood forest and provide the inhabitants with suitable living conditions, food, clothing, equipment and weapons for neighboring and for fighting. 

The second layer on which the gameplay takes place is strategic. Found a suitable place to set up a camp, we can enter the control mode. The chamber changes perspective, showing our settlement from top to bottom. In this mode, we develop the infrastructure of the camp, we build new buildings and improve those already built, as well as teaching recruits who will instruct various functions; Our subordinates can become hunters, guards, robbers, builders or farmers.

 An important role is played by the production of various goods, because Robin's subordinate must not only struggle with what and what to wear and what to eat. We will need to distribute recruits to the appropriate guilds and train them in a specific area. 

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In the village we need: Hunters, Security, Robbers, Builders, Farmers. In addition, we will have to trade with local farms and city merchants. An important part of our work will be attacking the people of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the wealthy merchants who make money working with a despotic ruler and a usurper. 

The game will have many ways to get rich, such as ambushing the Royal Convoy in Sherwood Forest, attacking the Sheriff's Knights, fighting dangerous gangsters, robbing the homes of wealthy members of the aristocracy. The ultimate goal of the game is to build a society large enough to overturn the level of government in Nottingham.

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Download Robin Hood Sherwood Builders Game For Pc Torrent

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