Download The Eternal Cylinder Game For Pc Torrent

Download The Eternal Cylinder Game For Pc Torrent

The Eternal Cylinder Game is an open world adventure game where you control a group of adorable creatures called Trebhums. Experience with them the mysterious and unusual alien world. Visit many amazing and exotic places on the planet Cylinder.

 Everywhere a riot of bright colors and fascinating places amaze with their beauty. The greatest danger to this world is an ancient object called a cylinder - a cyclopean structure of unknown origin, which is in constant motion and destroys everything that stands in its way.

 The continent is represented by ancient giant structures that rotate over time and cover everything. You will meet many strange creatures and an amazing alien ecosystem.

 The game includes real-time destruction simulation and artificial intelligence exploration of the creatures. But first you have to download The Eternal Cylinder Game torrent.

They start their journey at the very bottom of the food chain, gradually evolving and developing, becoming stronger and smarter. 

With the Eternal Cylinder, you can develop heroes and unlock new mutation branches. 

Access to swimming or flying to open previously hard-to-reach places and territories. Develop your senses and solve some puzzles. These creatures that you have to play as are the first step in evolution, but they have the ability to evolve and change. Take care of them and upgrade them to get completely new skills and attributes. 

Mutations allow you to control other types of movement, such as flying or swimming, which automatically open access to previously inaccessible areas. 

Each creature is represented by separate mutations and branches of evolution. In addition, each stage of evolution has its own physical appearance. Create unique combinations of mutations for your characters. Thanks to the many configurations, you can create truly unique and unusual creatures.

Playing this game The Eternal Cylinder is not that difficult, but it offers more than just a path, it offers something more. When you start playing with cute little creatures, at some point you find yourself in places that breathe, you can travel to the most unusual places, change departments and much more.

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Download The Eternal Cylinder Game For Pc Torrent

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