Download Aztech Forgotten Gods Game For Pc Torrent


Download Aztech Forgotten Gods Game For Pc Torrent

Aztech Forgotten Gods Game is a fast-paced modern cyberpunk adventure with a completely new take on Aztec mythology. The game will definitely appeal to fans of glowing neon mechanisms, huge monsters and sophisticated technology that allows you to overcome human capabilities. 

The player will have to solve many difficult puzzles, fight giant monsters that have also been upgraded, and explore an amazing world.

Actions take place in the distant future in the Mesoamerican metropolis. Huge luminous buildings, bizarre bulky mechanisms and various equipment fill this world.

 Not so long ago, the ancient gods began to awaken from sleep, who, having peeped some ideas from people, began to awaken in new unique forms.

 Now their bodies are woven from metal and various parts, which greatly complicates the fight. In addition, they are well armed and ready to use the inventions of people against humanity.

The main character is the brave Achtli, who wants to protect her home from disaster and challenges terrible creatures. She has at her disposal a huge mechanical arm with many devices that will help her overcome all difficulties.

 Aztech Forgotten Gods Game is mainly focused on dizzying battles with a variety of bosses. Each of them has its own separate map, environment features and unique attacks. To win, you will need to build cunning tactics and monitor the weaknesses and open spaces of each opponent.

Download Aztech Forgotten Gods Game For Pc Torrent

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