Download GhostWire Tokyo Game For Pc Torrent

Download GhostWire Tokyo Game For Pc Torrent

GhostWire Tokyo is a new video game from the development team of Tango Game works and The Evil Within. Recently, an official teaser for the game was provided, from which we received more questions than answers.

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Story line

It is not yet clear what will be in the game, there are no official statements from the developers about the plot of the game, however, after watching their official teaser, we can draw such conclusions. 

It looks like we're in for an action adventure. In the teaser, we are shown the most famous intersection in Tokyo, this is the busiest intersection, where you can meet a huge, well, a huge number of people, this is the intersection of the Shibuya area. Next, they show the subway, where the Japanese rush to their work. 

Then some building is shown, either an office or a shopping center, and suddenly, one after another, people began to disappear, and in the place where they stood, only the clothes that they were wearing lie alone. 

The same thing happens in the sushi bar, where people were sitting quietly and relaxing, it suddenly became empty and quiet. And so place after place, building after building. 

As a result, the streets of Tokyo were empty, but only on one street there is a lone dog that tried to sniff out the trail of its owner, but it did not succeed, and it still stood near his clothes. You can download the GhostWire Tokyo Game torrent on our website.

Suddenly, one person appeared on one of the Tokyo streets, but he was not simple, he owned some kind of power, rather magical. Also, this mysterious character has a bow at his disposal. It is impossible to make out his appearance, he is all wrapped in a black robe. In addition to him, dark creatures, either ghosts or demons, roam the streets and inspire fear in all living things. Download and enjoy the game, it will suck you in. Welcome to Tokyo!

GhostWire Tokyo Features

It's hard to talk about the features of the game when the developers are keeping the intrigue, but still, thanks to the officially released trailer, we will find features for our beloved readers:

although the teaser was shown in the style of horror and persecution, the developers themselves stated that there can be any genre of the game, and there may be different elements in the game, but this is by no means a horror;

the teaser shows that the graphics are very good, one might even say realistic;

skillfully combined two opposing genres, fantasy and reality.

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Download GhostWire Tokyo Game For Pc Torrent


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