Download L.A. Noire Game For Pc Torrent


Download L.A. Noire Game For Pc Torrent

We present a fascinating detective story about an American detective who will investigate complicated cases in the American City of Angels. 

The game takes place in a post-military metropolis that is mired in corruption. Crime levels are off the charts, corrupt officials, drug dealers will come your way in this interactive L.A. adventure game.

L.A. Noire Game, download torrent which is possible for free on our game portal. You will definitely have to solve a lot of crimes during the game and you will be able to look for evidence, you will take part in the capture of bandits and criminals.

 The game has an interesting dialogue system. You will have a special walkie-talkie to receive new tasks for your main character. You can move around the city both on foot and in unusual patrol police cars.

The plot of the game

The main character of the game is an experienced police officer and detective who is a member of the American Police Department.

 In post-war Los Angeles, criminal gangs terrorize the population, and you find yourself in a maelstrom of dangerous gaming events. When your hero finds evidence, he will be able to learn a lot of new and interesting things about the underworld of the metropolis. The main mission of the game is to expose criminal gangs, although additional tasks are present in the game. 

For example, you can receive a task on the radio while in a patrol car, and immediately go to the place to maintain order in the city. You will also have a partner with whom you can control the streets of the metropolis together. If you're in for a car chase, then it's possible to turn on the police sirens so that oncoming vehicles can give way to you in the game. Your hero confidently serves in the city, clearing it of bandit groups. During the war, he was an elite Navy SEAL, and now with his experience, he can save the city of Dreaming from corrupt officials.

Game mechanics

The entire process of the game is conditionally divided into game chapters, each of which is a new investigation in which your hero will directly take part. He is armed with Colts and revolvers, and he is also a real detective who can skillfully find all the evidence and hide the bandits behind bars. 

L.A. Noire Game, which can be downloaded by every user for free from our portal, is based on the popular Hollywood movie of the same name. You are still waiting for great story videos. Each successful investigation will help not only to advance in the service, but also bring good bonus points to the game piggy bank.

Afterword for the game

If you have arrived at the scene of the crime, then you should very carefully examine the clothes of the murdered person in order to find important details and objects there. This will help you in the investigation of the next high-profile case. Clear the city from bandits - that's the main task of your fearless hero!

Features L.A. Noire Game

From Patrolman to Detective. At first you can become an ordinary patrolman, help the police maintain law and order, and then, having increased experience, you will become a real detective.

Investigation. Arriving at the crime scene, you will have to perform a series of mandatory game actions - collect evidence, interview witnesses and arrest suspects.

Dialogue system. The game is Russified, so you can easily interrogate both witnesses and suspects.

Transport. Different types of cars are present in the game. Even police motorcycles are available in the game. And you have the right to stop an oncoming car, show a police badge, and chase the enemy.

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Download L.A. Noire Game For Pc Torrent

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