Download TUNIC Game For Pc Torrent


Download TUNIC Game For Pc Torrent

TUNIC Game is an unusual action-adventure about a little fox in a big world. A simple plot, a pleasant atmosphere of the game and simple and understandable gameplay - what you need in order to relax with a relaxed single player game. 

The main character of the story is a tiny red fox who finds himself alone on a mysterious island, carrying only a sword.

The game is rich in puzzles and riddles, enemies are hiding behind every bush, sinister bosses are hiding in dangerous ruins. Game progress is limited to certain areas of the game space, until the player receives an item that opens the way to the next area of ​​the island.

 As the story progresses, new gaming opportunities open up: improving the equipment of our hero, pumping skills, and along with new abilities, new exciting adventures will become available.

The main character, accompanied by the player, is waiting for underground caves, ancient temples, ominous forest thickets and lonely deserts. 

Over time, the fox develops a long-range weapon, an enchanted weapon with which he can freeze enemies. For each of the received items, you can designate a hot key in order to quickly call the desired item in battle.

 Another nice feature is the unobtrusive and pleasant to the ear musical background that accompanies the little fox on the mysterious island.

Download TUNIC Game For Pc Torrent

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