Download Empire Earth Game For Pc Torrent


Download Empire Earth Game For Pc Torrent

Meet one of the best historical strategies called Empire Earth Game, which allows you to be in the shoes of great warriors, commanders and rulers, and try, if possible, to rewrite the real history that has been created for centuries by peoples and armies.

 For many centuries, people could not find a common language. For all its existence, the world has been completely riddled with wars and bloody conflicts, the main task of which, in all ages, has been the division of power and the thirst for dictatorship.

 The developers offer you to take part in all events, starting from ancient times, but before that you need to download the Empire Earth Game torrent on our game portal, guide your people through hardships and hardships, forward to victory. Try to reverse the actions described in the tutorials and create your own chronicle of times!

Empire Earth Game features

In Empire Earth, as well as in many game projects of this genre, you need to develop, increase the population, build buildings and destroy all hostile empires. All this is given 500 thousand years.

The toy includes 14 eras, from prehistoric to the age of nanotechnology.

You are offered a unique opportunity to create your own civilization with unique initial bonuses, thereby making it different from everyone else.

In order to develop, you need to initially produce workers who will extract wood, food, gold, stone, iron ore and other resources.

Hostile empires can interfere with your development, in order to somehow protect yourself from them, you need to hire units.

The developers have prepared for you a lot of units, technologies and two types of "hero": a strategist (who heals units and demoralizes enemy units) and a Warrior (increases morale, improves strength).

At the very beginning, warriors are savages with clubs and stones, but with the development of the era and technology, training soldiers, tanks, fighters, nuclear-armed bombers, robots and much more will gradually appear. From the fleet at the beginning there will be frigates, with time submarines, aircraft carriers and others will appear.

Empire Earth has 19 civilizations, you can choose one of them after the start of the game, or create your own.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Empire Earth Game via torrent for free.

Download Empire Earth Game For Pc Torrent

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