Download Escape Simulator Game For Pc Torrent


Download Escape Simulator Game For Pc Torrent

Escape Simulator Game is a first-person puzzle game that you can play alone or in online co-op. Check out our growing selection of highly active escape rooms. 

Move furniture, pick up and inspect everything, break pots and pick locks! Supports community-created rooms with a level editor. Each campaign consists of 5 levels and has individual settings. 

The steps gradually become more and more difficult. They can be selected and transferred in any order. The essence of the game is as follows. The players are locked in a room. You have 15 minutes to find a way out. You can do it, explore and interact with the environment, solve puzzles, pick locks, break pots and stuff like that. 

In multiplayer games, you can do everything together. If you wish, you can search for collectibles. Interactive Puzzles: Explore 15 rooms filled with puzzles designed by real escape room operators. If something is not attached to the wall, you can pick it up. Escape Simulator Game download torrent now on our website.

Online co-op: All rooms are available for online co-op play. It is recommended to play with up to 3 players in built-in rooms (but you can also play more). Up to 20 people were tested in public places. Form your character and join your friends in cooperative puzzle solving.

 More goals are better than one! You won't find any story in this game - just use your mind and solve the puzzles. Several rooms are offered to your attention, each of which has a unique atmosphere. 

The main task of the player is to get out of the room with all available options, not forgetting to follow the events around. Discover different things, solve puzzles and enjoy unusual gameplay. But first, hurry up to download Escape Simulator Game online for free.

 Explore everything: read books, explore ancient artifacts and discover secrets. Need a cross reference? No, the problem is just connecting to the monitor.

Community Created Rooms: The game features a room editor to create your own escape rooms and puzzles. By integrating master classes, you can play amazing things created by the community.

 In terms of gameplay, the escape simulator Game is entirely based on exploring the environment, solving numerous puzzles, looking for clues and solving puzzles. Nothing fundamentally new games offer, but it allows you to do it all with friends online in a cooperative mode. Egyptian labyrinth.

 You and your teachers have discovered an ancient Egyptian labyrinth. It activates randomly. The trap was closed and there was no way out. Drifting in space. The explosion will wake you up. 

The spaceship is stuck underground and you are flying straight into the sun. Villa on the outskirts.flood. They were invited to a special dinner with Dr. EDGU. UDA Estate.

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Download Escape Simulator Game For Pc Torrent

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