Download The Infected Game For Pc Torrent

Download The Infected Game For Pc Torrent

 The Infected Game is an open survival game where you collect resources, craft items, build a base and fight hordes of the dead. In the infected world, there are not only zombies, but also hostile fauna. Your base will protect you from enemies, especially at night when the enemies become more aggressive.

 The virus turned out to be much more serious than expected, and the treatment looked promising. The drug tests seemed to work, many felt better, and the death toll dropped. But my God, something went wrong.

 There were some unexpected side effects that led to a mutation in the human DNA of something unknown. We call them zombies, they are like a crossroads between a vampire and a zombie. Hunt animals to feed them. There is a brewing mechanism. 

Turn on the house to connect the appliances. Autumn garden. This game has a dynamic change of day and night, weather conditions and seasons. Mining ore, collecting resources to produce unique weapons, or building a huge foundation. You can download The Infected Game torrent right now.

Several friends went for the weekend to a secluded corner of the forest. However, one parent decided to find out his last known whereabouts without returning after tracking the stay. 

What did he find out? The Infected is an open sandbox survival game. Build a base, defend and protect yourself from wildlife and infested wambe. You have to take on the role of an ordinary person who decides to go on a dangerous journey through the forest in search of his missing son and friend. The next day, the guys decided to spend the weekend in the local forest. Now you have to use your life in all directions and fight repulsive creatures.

Survival is thought out to the smallest detail. And you will learn more as soon as you decide to download The Infected Game torrent latest version. 

First, you need to take care of the main character, monitor his health, condition, drowsiness, hunger and other equally important character traits. Then take care of the house - build a house with the materials you get for yourself, find food and more.

 And, of course, you yourself have to deal with survival. And here you can add a complete list of tasks and tasks. You have to hunt animals, craft tools and weapons, perform various basic activities, cook on fire if you find something to ignite, and even get electricity. Project The Infected is a survival, sandbox, horror and first-person shooting adventure simulation game.

Features of The Infected Game

Hunger, thirst, body temperature mechanics

base building


Self made

Cooking mechanics

Electricity and mechanics

Gather resources

Mining and processing of ore

Kill the AI ​​Camera


Day / night cycle

the weather is changing


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Download The Infected Game For Pc Torrent

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