Download My Summer Car Game For Pc Torrent


Download My Summer Car Game For Pc Torrent

Would you like to be a mechanic - the developer of your personal car? To start, play the game My Summer Car. Only with this simulation game the player will be able to feel all the nuances of high-quality car assembly, especially when the choice of spare parts is not large and not improved. While playing the game, you will understand that each element of a car part is very important. Every year, players evaluate the My Summer Car game for the fact that it makes it possible to thoroughly study the car, what it consists of, which means simplifying the repair procedure and gaining experience. You can download the game My Summer Car torrent on our resources.

The plot of the game

The game takes place in a small Finnish village, in the last century. The protagonist of the game loves cars so much that he brings them back to life with his skill and knowledge. But do not forget that the game takes place in the last century, and the choice of spare parts is significantly limited, which can affect the difficulties in the game. Actually, this is the whole difficulty of passing the game. 

Collect the car will have from what is. But when assembling, don't lose sight of the build quality. After all, later on you will still need to drive on it, and suddenly the car will fall apart without having time to start, there will be a joke! And then you will have to take up the repair again and download the latest version of My Summer Car. 

Remember, even a bolt that is not completely tightly screwed can create an emergency situation when an overturned car ends up in a ditch. When assembling a car, you will study the various components that a car cannot do without. But, when you have already assembled the car, and even successfully drove it, do not hope, the game does not end there. Be prepared for the fact that the car will break down, require ongoing repairs and maintenance.


Especially the gameplay of the game can be appreciated after you have assembled the car. No other developer has provided such a realistic trip. And during assembly, you will be surprised how accurately, thoughtfully to the smallest detail, each spare part is presented. There is even the possibility of adjusting the collapse - convergence of the wheels. Just imagine how the developers have worked, considering every nuance of this interesting game.

Interesting Facts

My Summer Car Game players never cease to be amazed, it's like knowing all the mechanics of a car to create such a game! Nobody saw a more realistic car simulator before the release of the game. For all the time, the game has not received a single negative review.

Features of My Summer Car

The size of the game is not large, it does not require special characteristics of the operating system.

The interface language is English.

Embedded "tablet".

Very high realism of physics.

In addition to the fact that you will be busy assembling a car, you will already have a ready-made car that you can always ride.

The car provided to you will not work well, that is, there will be junk doors, smoke will come out of the exhaust pipe. In short, many other unexpected surprises.

Assembling a car consists of creating key parts that you then insert into the car.

You will find all the parts for assembly in your garage on the shelves in boxes.

If you have drunk a couple of beers, you will notice how this will affect the gameplay.

A big problem will arise in the process of tuning the car.

There are hints in the game that you can use.

When the character "pegs", the characterization of those passing by is rather peculiar and funny.

If you like to stay in your garage for a long time, messing around with a car, then by all means try to play My Summer Car. You can download the torrent from our website at any time.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download My Summer Car Game via torrent for free.

Download My Summer Car Game For Pc Torrent

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