Download Persona 5 Game For Pc Torrent


Download Persona 5 Game For Pc Torrent

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of high school life, a group of teenagers hide their alter egos. 

What are they? And why do they dress like that? What motivates them to do so? And why are they wanted? You can answer all these questions after you decide to download Persona 5 Game torrent on PC for free on our wonderful gaming resource.

 As you already understood, this is a continuation of the legendary story, which this time brought completely new opportunities to the RPG genre. The developer is the Japanese well-known company Atlus. This time you have to break the social and sovereign fetters in order to become free.

game universe

All actions in the game take place in the same universe as the previous releases of the series, however, according to the script, they are completely unrelated.

 This time you will take on the role of a nameless protagonist who, with his troubled teenagers, unites in a gang of Phantom Thieves of Hearts. 

All members of the gang decided to unite, realizing that our modern society forces people to wear masks that hide their vulnerabilities, real faces. You, along with your friends in the literal sense of the word, tear off your protective masks. 

You face your emotions and thus awaken your true self and all the power behind it. After that, you decide to help all those in need by calling people.


The plot of the game tells us about the current difficulties of our evil real world. In every such society, there are characters who are trying to challenge society in order to break out of all the surrounding mediocrity and routine. 

In Persona 5, the protagonist comes to Tokyo to stay here. Then he finds a friend and comes to him with a special request for shelter. In fact, he leads a very ordinary life, including attending school. But, in one moment something happens that changes his whole life. 

He, along with his friend, becomes criminals, they wear the mask of a certain "Phantom". You can download Persona 5 Game torrent on PC from the link below.

And now, the main character of the game - Phantom leads a double life. During the day, he is the easiest student of Shujin High School, and at night he becomes a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts gang. This gang is engaged in the eradication of evil thoughts and desires of people, which in the future can turn into a real danger to the inhabitants of the world. 

The gameplay of Persona 5 is divided into two components - social and action / role-playing. I would also like to note that a unique engine was specially written for the game. We wish you good luck in the game!

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Download Persona 5 Game For Pc Torrent

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