Download Prison Architect Game For Pc Torrent


Download Prison Architect Game For Pc Torrent

Prison Simulator - sounds tempting, doesn't it? We invite you to try yourself in the role of a real prison guard, who can later become the largest prison tycoon. In the game, you will have to build an unusual colony for prisoners and keep an eye on them, and they, in turn, will bring good dividends to your prison.

 Everything in the game is natural and progressive, because you will start from the smallest - building a prison, and then you will gradually develop it, turning it into the most dangerous prison in the world.

 So do not hesitate, and now you have a chance to download Prison Architect Game via torrent to become a real jailer and follow the life of criminals.


At first, you must design your prison, and then gradually build an impregnable colony so that none of the prisoners can escape. You build your prison brick by brick, earning points for yourself, and then build huge walls, protecting them with barbed wire, then you must recruit as many prisoners as possible into your prison. 

As you can see, everything is going in stages in the game. At the beginning of the game you are a simple guard, and then you become a warden, you will hire guards in the game, build additional fences, cells for prisoners, that is, during the game you will create a very powerful prison. The game has three modes.


The first mode is directly construction. Together with your character, you will build a prison in your chosen territory. Choose a good and convenient sector for construction. Further, after you have created a prison, you go to the second mode - the formation of a staff - guards, cooks, that is, the entire staff that you can hire in the game.

 But remember, for this you need to accumulate a lot of points in order to get as many guards as possible. And, finally, in the game Prison Architect, which can be downloaded torrent for free on our gaming website, there is another interesting mode. 

You have to try yourself as a prisoner to test how powerful your prison is. Try to escape from your self-built prison. A great simulator in which you need to break your head a little,

Interesting Facts

As they say, with the world on a string. If you successfully complete all three mentioned game modes, then you can get even more funds for the development of your correctional facility. Do everything in stages, do not miss more than one game mode. Become a real prison tycoon. Very pleasant atmosphere of the game, a lot of interesting tasks and puzzles. And also a pleasant sound - it all turned out original.

Prison Architect Game features

The prison will bring profit. You must create such a correctional institution for criminals during the game so that it brings you profit and income. Therefore, you need to put more criminals in cells.

Fights in prison. The game has a mode where you can just watch the raging prisoners. You can watch, or you can just calm them down with sticks and clubs.

Cells for prisoners. During the construction of the prison, you must design the chamber in such a way that the criminal cannot dig.

Make the life of the prisoners pleasant. You must make sure that the prisoners are happy in the prison, otherwise they may start a mutiny and kill all your employees in the game.

Distribute the profit. You must distribute the income from the prison wisely. It is best to modify your prison, strengthen walls and fences, hire more guards.

The death penalty. You can build special torture chambers by building electric chairs there.

On this page, by clicking the button below, you can download Prison Architect Game via torrent for free.

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Download Prison Architect Game For Pc Torrent

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