Download SCUM Game For Pc Torrent


Download SCUM Game For Pc Torrent

In this action-adventure game, you will play as a criminal who is doing his time in a penitentiary. He was convicted, and now he drags his life behind bars. But at one point he is offered a deal. If he becomes a participant in one unusual experiment, his sentence will be mowed down and he will be able to go free ahead of schedule. Your main character agrees to the terms of the deal, but he does not yet know that he will become a participant in a dangerous show where he will have to survive in an open world. His main enemies will be the same prisoners.

 Now you need to survive in order to go as far as possible to freedom. You will use a variety of available tools during the game, including bats, sticks, finks and knives. And then you can also get at your disposal a firearm. 

SCUM game, You can download the torrent for free by visiting our updated game portal, full of dynamic episodes and fights. You will be able to survive if you adhere to certain game rules.


You are offered an unusual deal - to become a member of an unusual show that will be broadcast in real time. You can be released early if you meet certain conditions. You become a participant in an unusual show.

 As a player and main character, you will have to fight with the same prisoners as your hero. Here only here do not expect mercy from criminals. At first, you will simply get used to the open game locations. To begin with, use all the means found to put up a serious resistance to your opponents. 

After successfully passing each stage of the game, you will receive new types of weapons that you can use in the future against the most notorious criminals. To survive, you still need to not only explore locations, but also look for shelters and shelters. But you will be constantly monitored by cameras at locations, that is, you will be under constant video surveillance. Survival will not be so easy in this dynamic game.

Game mechanics

You need to survive at every stage of the game, because other prisoners will try in every possible way to destroy you. If you can survive every game round, then you will be the winner. And this means that you will increase your rating in the game. In the SCUM game, which you can download torrent for free on our website, you will still receive new types of weapons. There will be a lot of them if you can successfully complete all the locations. The reality show that you are on is notable for its unusual cruelty. So be extremely collected in the SCAM game.

In this game, you can not only fight for survival against dangerous criminals, but also explore new gaming locations where new types of weapons are hidden. But you will be constantly watched, so find a weapon soon, defeat all your opponents and get a good game score for completed missions!

Features of SCUM Game

Weapon. Use all found funds in the game. And there is also the opportunity to outwit the enemy by placing your traps around the entire perimeter of the game world.

Firearms. As a player, you will be able to get modern types of weapons, including machine guns and even grenade launchers, which can be used against the most dangerous scumbags.

Character. Your prisoner, agreeing to the terms of the show, will put himself in danger, because in this tough show there will be no mercy from the prisoners. You will be able to prove that you are the only winner. Your life and freedom are at stake.

Bonuses. Complete the main missions and access the side missions to fully upgrade your hero.

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Download SCUM Game For Pc Torrent

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