Download The Wandering Village Game For Pc Torrent


Download The Wandering Village Game For Pc Torrent

In The Wandering Village Game, the whole land was covered with strange plants that are poisoning the world with poisonous spores. Only a few survivors took refuge on the back of a large stray animal they called onba.

 Lead people, find a solution and befriend a creature to survive together in this hostile but beautiful post-apocalyptic world. Upon entering the virtual universe, the user discovers how certain toxic substances created by mysterious plants quickly spread across the Earth, causing toxic spores.

 The salvation was NGU - a strange, huge creature with human habitation on its back. In City Simulator, players play as a leader who is concerned about the destruction of the village and its prosperity. Here it is supposed to build, expand the area and constantly optimize the solution in a limited space.

A village that has everything you need is the key to survival. Equip the solution, gradually occupying the entire back of the creature.

 Build production chains to make the most of limited space. Create a company whose problems you can handle. The limited space in which you survive is the main condition. 

You need to learn how to equip everything in a limited space so that people always have enough space. You need to divide up a separate territory for building houses, find places where you can grow food, learn how to extract vital resources, and even limit the powers and knowledge that once belonged to the civilization of people.

It's not as easy as it might seem. Who are they: symbionts who survive thanks to mutual trust, or parasites for whom only the fate of their colony is important? The choice is yours. Players must take control of the village and interact with the main giant in order to survive together. In addition, you must take care not only of yourself, but also of your living shelter, protecting it from all sorts of dangers and thereby saving your life.

 People have to wander from place to place and travel to different places where they can settle for a long time. In the meantime, you have to download The Wandering Village Game torrent. 

Travel across different regions and adapt to their unique abilities and dangers. Send scouts and collectors to explore the area, get rare resources and antiques. 

The remnants of the Old World hold a long-forgotten lore that their settlers can recover. Find and learn these technologies, but use them wisely because there are two sides to progress. 

By all means, keep your settlers and onba alive against toxic spores, inclement weather, blood-sucking parasites and other problems in a world where everything is against you.

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Download The Wandering Village Game For Pc Torrent

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